Recommended Resources

Here you can find a list of my favourite resources for people who want to learn, grow, and explore in this lifestyle. Enjoy! -Venus xo


The Stag’s Stable – The purpose and goal of the podcast is to analyze, discuss and explore the role and behavior of single males in the adult, sexuality-lifestyle. While it is by and about single men, the podcast is for everyone. It is absolutely necessary to have an all inclusive discussion and forum as well as input from the full complement and diversity of genders and relationships to make this a worthwhile venture, that will inspire personal growth, understanding of different points of views, a little laughter as well as some critique and constructive criticisms


Cuckold Marriage – My good friend Anne who is a Queen of Spades cuckoldress writes a blog about her cuckold marriage with her husband James.

Jane Cuckoldress – About the author: “I’m a writer, blogger, kinkster, and a up-and-coming cuckoldress seeking her cuckold. I created this blog to share my experiences, thoughts and opinions on cuckolding and sex in general, share my own fantasies and desires, and to try and help others in similar situations.”



Mature Metal – They have beautiful cages. Here is a review of my favourite one 

Listen to “Custom Steel Chastity from Mature Metal” on Spreaker.