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Welcome to the Venus Cuckoldress Podcast – a place to learn all things cuckolding for the curious, the passionate, and the sexually empowered woman who wants it all. Venus explores the ​real​ meaning of this beautiful relationship dynamic and shares her personal stories, sexy ideas, and helpful tips for singles and couples who want to navigate the cuckolding lifestyle. It’s seductive, provocative, and ​always​ informative!


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“She is the preeminent thought leader in cuckoldry today.”

“Many people discover cuckolding through porn and it sparks their interest. However, porn is just entertainment; there is so much more to cuckolding. This podcast is perfect for exploring the depths of emotions and desires both a cuckold has and a cuckoldress. The podcast shows what a loving cuckold relationship is and the emotional connection it can have for a cuckold and cuckoldress. It gives honest and critical analysis of various aspects and overall shows cuckold love.”


“Lots of men want this kind of relationship. More and more women are living their best sex lives and cucking their men thanks to female voices leading the way. Cuckolding is super normal and getting more mainstream by the day.”

“I’m not in the least bit surprised that @CuckoldressV’s podcast is topping charts! Cuckolding continues to grow in pervasiveness and popularity. The future is bright for those who love this kind of relationship!”

“Your podcast are authentic – that is what separates you from the rest.”


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