Women are the key to cuckolding

“I really do believe that the key to women embracing this kind of relationship or at least viewing it as a legitimate option, lies with women talking to each other about it.”


I recently spent some time in an online cuckold chat room and noticed some interesting things that got me thinking. The first was that I was the only woman on there and the second was a question that kept being brought up by the husbands/boyfriends was “How do I get my wife into this?”.

There was advice and suggestions being given out and the husbands would go through the list of strategies that they would say either hasn’t worked or that they didn’t think would work with their wife, most of which included them talking to her and trying to convince her to try flirting and sleeping with other guys.

Now for those of you who know a little about me you understand that it didn’t take any convincing for me to jump right in as soon as my boyfriend brought it up, so it’s hard for me to wrap my head around why a woman would hesitate when given this opportunity.  I tried hard to imagine what it was like for the wives/girlfriends out there whose husbands/boyfriends repeatedly try to approach the subject with them and it didn’t take long for me to assume that they would likely begin to feel annoyed, skeptical of their motives, or even hurt or offended by it.

The problem I think is that the pressure is coming from the men when really the conversation would be better received if it came from her friend – a woman who she trusts. I really do believe that the key to women embracing this kind of relationship or at least viewing it as a legitimate option, lies with women talking to each other about it.

As for how to connect women who are open minded enough to understand this lifestyle with women whose husbands need help, I don’t know the answer to that. I do believe however that all of the women who love this lifestyle need to start the discussions that need to take place. We need to help each other navigate the learning curve of this beautiful relationship dynamic. Write a blog, participate in chats, connect with women, talk to your open minded friends, whatever – let’s just support each other, because that’s what girlfriends are for.

Venus xo

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5 Replies to “Women are the key to cuckolding”

  1. Yes I completely agree. Reading blogs like yours helped me get into it even more. Unfortunately most info about cuckolding is from the male perspective.

    Or worse the information is not completely accurate. Like the article is written by people who have never actually done it or worse it is written by a guy fantasizing. It’s never realistic. And then there is the shitty cuckold porn out there :/

    There are very few avenues online about cuckolding that would appeal to women.

    I hope that wity blogs like yours and mine more women will be open to it in the future:)

  2. Typically I do not reply to anything I read however on this topic I felt compelled to, You see I am one of those women, constantly scouring the internet, reading everything I can find, listening to podcasts,books, blogs, articles specifically searching for content from a woman’s perspective, not a cucks. I have many questions and not all of them are sexual in nature and I do agree, Woman, are the driving force for a true and successful cuckolding relationship. With that said My “boyfriend” of 5 years is my cuck I took it upon myself to educate myself to find what I could to answer my questions and I/we have experienced some great times. Recently I told him that I cannot have a true cuckold relationship with him simply because of our complex circumstances, this decisions comes from what I have learned. He seems to agree; and there is no doubt he is a cuck, yet his acceptance has led to a whole new chapter of questions for me and no real answers just some serious soul searching.

    Venus, thank you for writing this as well as all the other writings, they are pretty much on point, and yes there should be a collaborative for women by women. I’m sorry to say that I don’t think there can be any amount of talking or convincing your wife/girlfriend. It’s truly her choice and at her pace.


  3. Somewhere I read that 85% of women cheating husbands who have small penises.I think it’s ok. Every woman deserves a fantastic sex with big penis. Many women want cuckolding or have cuckold marriage, but don’t talk about it, much less write about it.
    I started to write a blog ( https://cuckoldmarriage.home.blog/ ). I like your blog.

  4. That is again absolutely correct.
    Most women feel that they are not wanted anymore by their husbands and there are also many of them that they think if they would have lovers they don’t need the useless cuckold. And of course there are also the women, many of them, that they are looking a cuckold with money to provide for them, but this is not a cuckold relationship based in love as it supposed to be…
    Finally there are many single wannabe hot-wives that they would be glad to involve in a such a relationship, but are they??
    Where are these women? The logic dictates that the vast majority of females would love a cuckolding relationship, but in forums one can only meet desperate cuckolds, bi-cuckolds and sissies…
    Well girls there are also alpha males who love cuckolding, we are stags or/and wife swingers..
    Honestly Venus, if you could help many women find out the absolute best loving relationship, which is the cuckolding one, then your name will be written with gold capital letters in the history of great pioneers, because you are going to help thousand people to find their mate….

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