What the fuck is wrong with cucks?

“I have absolutely no interest in being someone’s online fantasy cuckoldress and I’d really like to not waste any more time with this so this shit is really getting annoying as fuck!”


Today I’m feeling annoyed as fuck. And given that the reason behind that has to do with the cuck relationship in my life, I feel the need to vent a bit here. Not just to complain, but to seek answers. I genuinely need to know why this seems to be a phenomenon within many of the cuckolds who I’ve met.

Cuckold couples normally consist of a solid serious relationship, usually a long term committed couple or a married couple. For me, it needs to be that way because it’s that close emotional connection between us where all of the magic happens. To put it simply, this is not something I can do casually with someone. I’m looking for my life partner, not just dating for fun.

I get a lot of attention from cucks all over the world, who want to have a relationship with me. Apparently single cuckoldresses are even more rare than single cucks around here…. You’d think that this would be a good thing for me, which it is nice to have so many options, but it also takes a lot of time to sort through all of the emails and messages. Every person falls on a different part of the cuckolding spectrum and it takes several questions and answers back and forth to find out if what I’m looking for fits with what he’s looking for. It’s also tricky to find someone whom I have some sort of connection with and who I find attractive. Really sometimes I think I might need a personal assistant to help me!

So I happen to find one who I think might work out for me and he seems like he’s serious about everything. Great right? Yes. I’m happy, he’s happy, and we begin to make plans to move forward. Then suddenly he gets cold feet. He’s scared, terrified, or whatever I don’t know. He says things like it’s a vulnerable position being a cuckold and it takes some courage to actually live that life. Despite my best efforts to reassure him that it will all be good, he continues to drag his feet….something I have very little patience for.

Fantasizing about being cuckolded by your girlfriend or wife must be really hot, and it seems like this is a big thing for cucks out there. But within the past 9 months this has happened 3 times where the cuck is too terrified to make that fantasy become a reality. I have absolutely no interest in being someone’s online fantasy cuckoldress and I’d really like to not waste any more time with this so this shit is really getting annoying as fuck!

My question to the other cuckoldresses out there is: Is this something you’ve experienced as well? And my question to the cucks out there: What are your thoughts on this?

Venus xo

February 24, 2016 UPDATE

Thank you to all of the people who have commented and emailed me about this post. I’ve really appreciated hearing about this from your perspective and it’s helped me be able to sort it out a bit better in my head. Yes it seems like some are just more comfortable living this life in fantasy, and some are more brave and willing to make it into something real life. From what I’ve heard, these types of relationships start off as something very vanilla and work up to cuckolding later on.

I guess that’s where this situation for me is different. I’m looking to find my cuck match right up front and the vanilla stuff fall into place afterwards. I can understand how that lack of an established relationship base can make things feel unstable for a cuck especially right in the beginning and that might be what contributed to the problem. It might have something to do with that all three cucks lived far from me so it was a long distance relationship in the beginning as well – something that’s never easy.

Something I would like to make clear about this post though, is that over the past 9 months I have been pursued by, and considered dating, several other cucks – some of whom were very serious about a relationship and would not have had cold feet at any point. While I totally appreciated this from them, I just didn’t feel the connection I needed so didn’t pursue a relationship with them but I want to mention it so it’s clear that there are some really great cucks out there despite my challenges with a few others.

For now, I’ve given up on trying to date cucks long distance. It’s a lot of effort and the relationship stability just isn’t there for this kind of lifestyle. I really feel like the intimacy and trust that’s built in this kind of thing needs to be established in person.

I am optimistic though that I will find my cuck….it just might take a little longer.

Venus xo

14 Replies to “What the fuck is wrong with cucks?”

  1. Hey I just stumbled onto your blog. I’m also looking for a cuck and I have had guys get cold feet on me too. It’s very frustrating! I’m thinking of creating my own blog about it too. I’m an English major and I think it woyld be fun to combine my love for writing and my love for this kink.

    Anyways, I’ll definitely be reading more of your posts soon. Love your style and unique perspective on things.

  2. I liked the day I went into chastity and the empowerment my wife felt it helped her realise the direction cuckolding was taking us how superior she was to me and the overwhelming passion to be a slave not roleplay not some of the time for the rest of my life

  3. This is so, so true. So many guys out there are just in it for the fap, which inevitably never gets much beyond fantasy. It really does take some big balls to get past that. Fantasy = cucks are lowly and wimpy. Reality = it takes a strong sense of self, self discipline, commitment and courage to live this lifestyle.

  4. I have had the opposite problem.. two cuckoldresses got cold feet and did not get on the plane to meet in person.. I think that a lot of men crave this but have never had this type of lifestyle.. I would like to chat with you and see if we can be compatible..good luck on the search

  5. My thoughts… It actually takes a big set of balls to be a cuckold and most wimps don’t have what it takes. It takes a lot of confidence to watch your wife get into another guy’s car for a long night “out on the town”, confidence to know you have what it takes for her to come back home to you in the morning, confidence that your relationship is stronger than what happens between the sheets, confidence to profess your love for your wife even after rumors of your “alternative lifestyle” leak out to even your closest friends. The reality is much more difficult to accept than the fantasy and when that hits a guy in the face, they usually lose the confidence.

  6. I suppose intimidation could be a factor. I have seen you Venus in the flesh and you are a real stunner. In looks and sexual air about you. As a couple that plays in the hotwife lifestlye/cuckold we find same difficulty in finding decent men that understand this type of play and can fulfill my wifes wants as well as not being a douche bag. We have tried many avenues with little sucess. Which frustrates us borh and my wife loses interest. Its not for everyone thats for sure. I only know of one full on cuckolding couple. So my advice….its a newdle in a haystack. If ya dont keep on looking….

  7. As a cuck who is genuinely seeking a lifetime partner for a BBC driven lifestyle, I can say the fear of friends and family finding out must be weighing on your cucks’ mind.

    I know personally for myself that has taken many use to get comfortable with then to accept that ultimately it’s my life and the woman I choose to be with. Nobody can tell me how to do what makes me happy, and cuckolding is what truly fulfills me.

    Of course, I’ve also thought about this since a pre teen…so maybe I’ve just had TOO long to work out all the fine print in my conscious.

  8. well as a single cuck i think you keep getting the wrong end of the deal if ya ask me if he were a true cuck he would not get cold feet at all because as you said all is goodsorry to hear about what happend to you

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