What the fuck is cuckolding?

Well here it is: my first post about life in this strange world of being a cuckoldress. I use that word ‘strange’, but really it’s not strange at all to me, just strange to the people who don’t understand it. In fact I feel like cuckolding in relationships is just a normal way of expressing your love and adoration of each other in a way that society generally feels is taboo in nature.

So what the fuck is cuckolding anyway? Most people have never heard of the term cuckold and therefore have no idea what that means. It’s no wonder though because so few people talk about it. It’s sometimes labelled as a fetish or a kink – both terms that invoke stereotypical images in your mind of all sorts of perverted and warped sexual scenarios, and that certainly doesn’t help normalize cuckolding in any way and doesn’t help facilitate conversations on the subject.

1a4d6ed6fd273ed5955fe059c4047360I often find myself being asked to define cuckolding, and oh my… I struggle with how to do that in a way that accurately credits this beautiful lifestyle. It’s easy to say cuckolding is a man who enjoys watching his woman have sex with other men, but that doesn’t even come close to encompassing what it is. Cuckolding is different for everyone and there’s a huge spectrum of practices within it, but the main theme of cuckolding for me is that it’s a gift you give each other. The man gives his woman the gift of non-monogamy and incredible sexual experiences with others, and in turn the woman gives her man the gift of being involved in her experiences in some way. It’s a two way compersion street.

I personally love the power imbalance that comes with cuckolding. The woman is admired, cherished, adored, and treated like a queen by her man while he is absolutely faithful to her. He loves making her happy and he enjoys seeing her satisfied. She’s put on a pedestal where she belongs and he makes sure she stays there.

Some cuckolds enjoy a level of humiliation within their relationship and again that varies between couples, some severe cruel humiliation and others less so with more love and respect for the cuck. Personally I have a kind and caring character so I don’t feel comfortable with anything overtly cruel or mean but I can understand how some submissive men may enjoy that dynamic.

Regardless of which definition you feel is more accurate, I’m hoping to use this blog as a means to help people better understand the cuckolding lifestyle, share insight on what it is like to be a cuckoldress, and in doing so helping myself to navigate and understand this amazing and exciting cuck world. Take my word for it, it’s fucking fascinating!

I welcome your respectful comments and feedback anytime of course and I will try to answer your questions as promptly as my busy life will allow.


Venus xo

9 thoughts on “What the fuck is cuckolding?”

  1. What about if it was the other way. Where a man can have fuck what ever woman he likes and he’s wife will still love him for it? Is that still cuckolding right.

  2. Well that is amazing..
    I think that is excellent….I think a real man is monogamous (Freud) and I believe that a woman MUST be polygamous….
    It is the nature of the thinks, but I also need a relationship with love, tenderness and respect, so I believe that a permanent bull is dangerous for the relationship…I like my wife cuckolds me with multiple bbc but I do not accept that she is unfaithful, if you know what I mean…That’s why I think the best would be for example a kind of short weekend hideaways or holidays to places like Jamaica 🙂

  3. Your descriptions are amazing and I have been in search of a woman like you for 3 years. I have met so many women tat are interested, but they dont explain everything like you do. Its like you see it the same way I do. Just amazing. I am now a follower. Great read.

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