The voice of Venus

A few weeks ago I was interviewed for a podcast on the subject of cuckolding. Today it aired on

Here it is:


Turns out that episode was the most listened to episode in KinkyCast history so here’s the follow up episode with another short interview with Venus:

More episodes on more podcasts!


Update! Here is the second episode!!

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2 Replies to “The voice of Venus”

  1. As I replied on a tweet, you have a wonderful voice. As well, the feeling of intimacy you felt for your cuck the first time you were with someone was quite special. I could hear it come through your voice as you spoke about the experience.

    As for the first date you described with the new cuck you met, that’s not something I’d be able to do on a first date…lol. It would take me time to build the bond, the kind of love and trust, such a relationship thrives on. Dating a woman, getting to know who she is, her interests, her likes/dislikes, forming a real relationship over time, knowing what it will eventually lead to, would also make that first experience so much deeper.

    Having a child of my own, I can sympathize with the challenges you face in meeting someone. It’s like a triple whammy!! I’m in the same position coming from the opposite side of this. 🙂

    I hope the new guy you met goes well and wish you both the best.

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