The Venus Interviews

I’ve been a busy girl lately! One of the things I’ve been working on is recording a couple of interviews with the Keys and Anklets Podcast.

The first is one with Michael C interviewing myself and some of the things I go in depth about are how I came into this lifestyle and why I love it so much, how it has changed me, how and why I prefer black  bulls (yeah I got pretty excited talking about that), my favourite photo involving my QoS tattoo and chastity, and even a little about my heels collection (or lack thereof haha!). So here is the link to listen:

The second podcast episode is a conversation about dating in this lifestyle and in particular tips and advice for single cucks who are hoping to find a woman to share this unique relationship dynamic with. Have a listen:

Venus xo

3 thoughts on “The Venus Interviews”

  1. Thank you for reposting the photo, you’re right this is a very beautiful and I would add inspirational picture. A special moment between two people who obviously care deeply for each other and have chosen to express it in a very special way.
    I am curious about his piercing, was it a three way decision to pierce his white dick?
    I would love to hear more about your thoughts about the emotional connection you share with your cucks.
    On a personal note, I just received notification that I have been chosen to participate in the “project” I look forward to learning more.
    Thank you for your efforts to bring this lifestyle out of the porn industry and into reality.

  2. Fantastic episodes. I can’t say I’d given up on finding a cuckold relationship, but it’s something that I’ve put on the backburner while I’ve tended to other things in my life. Episode 9 convinced me that I shouldn’t. I realized that I can find the things that I’m looking for, and have the type of relationship I feel I need.

    Your interview was fantastic, too. These were the episodes that made me decide to subscribe. I’ve gone back and listened to both episodes a few times (as well as other episodes).

    Thank you for sharing your story and experiences!

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