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Here you can find a list of my favourite resources for people who want to learn, grow, and explore in this lifestyle. Enjoy! -Venus xo


Venus Connections – matchmaking for loving cuckolding relationships. Learn more at 

Cuckolding Courses by Venus – at



ASN Lifestyle Magazine – Venus has a monthly column in ASN Magazine beginning August 2021


The Sex and Psychology Podcast

Savage Lovecast


Bulls and Queens

Cuckold Conversation – a podcast by Confident Cuck

Consenting Adults with Leyna Nguyen

The Keys and Anklets Podcast


Full Swap Radio – – Venus is on every Tuesday


The Art of The Bull – a new blog from the author of Spades Magazine

Cuckoldress Scarlet – a new blog from the cuckoldress perspective

Confident Cuck – a new blog from the cuck perspective

Cuckold Marriage – my good friend Anne who is a Queen of Spades cuckoldress writes a blog about her cuckold marriage with her husband James.

The Taboo Couple Next Door

Goddess Worshipping Blog – celebrating women in the lifestyle

Jack & Bunni 

Headstrong Hotwife


Locked-In Love”: How two weeks in chastity can end the barter system, renew courtship and make a better husband – by Key Barrett

“Insatiable Wives: Women Who Stray and the Men Who Love Them” David Ley

Veritable Capitulation: Fear, Reluctance, Acceptance, and Submission – Complete Capitulation Series” – Jim Shue

“Tell Me What You Want” The science of sexual desire and how it can improve your sex life. The largest survey of sexual fantasies in America–and what your sexual desires say about you – by Justin Lehmiller

“Surrender, Submit, Serve Her.” The definitive guide to enacting Female Leadership and embracing the Female Dominated Household. by Key Barrett


Casual Toys –

Cuckolding-Friendly Counselors and Therapists

American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists
National Coalition for Sexual Freedoms – Kink Aware Professionals Directory

LS Mentor

Ask Questions and get Advice

Crystal Welch – “With 20 years of practical experience with consensual non-monogamy, from cuckolding, polyamory, open, or swinging, I get inundated with questions. In an attempt to give each person the personal attention they desire, here is an opportunity. Most people have many questions about how to start, how to talk to a partner, how to solve problems and how to create the intimacy you desire. Married 8 years (very happily) with my cuckold husband in Portland, OR”

Confident Cuck – his Patreon supporters are able to ask questions and get advice. “Confident Cuck is working to bring you the best conversations and the most detail about the cuckolding lifestyle. Supporting the Patreon supports the podcast and blog as well as provides access to cuckolding advice weekly from the Confident Cuck himself. “

Recommended Videos 

Cuckolding Articles

“Why More Women Are Suggesting Open Relationships”

Women Struggle with Monogamy More Than Men

A strong libido and bored by monogamy: the truth about women and sex

Sperm Wars: Cuckolds, Threesomes, and Evolutionary Biology

NBC News –

The Washington Post –

CNN article – Cuckolding can be positive for some couples, study says

Savage Love – Why am I turned on by cuckolding?

The Politics of Cuckolding – Psychology Today

Cuckolding can be GOOD for couples: Watching your partner have sex with another person can strengthen your relationship, claim controversial scientists – Daily Mail

For Many Couples, Getting Cuckolded Is a Good Thing, Say Scientists – Inverse

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Cuckolding – Sex & Psychology

Dan Savage delves into the cuckold fetish

Cuckolding Can Fire up Your Sex Life Again –

Cuckold Study Gets Conservative Panties in a Knot – TheStranger

Savage Love: All about cuckolding – NOW magazine

Cuckolding: What’s In It for Women?

Being ‘Cucked’ Actually Isn’t All That Weird in Nature

Sex Researcher Thinks Many ‘Cuck’-Obsessed Conservatives Harbor Private Cuckoldry Fantasies

Research Studies

The Psychology of Gay Men’s Cuckolding Fantasies

The view from the cuckold: A review of S. M. Platek and T. K. Shackelford (Eds.), Female infidelity and paternal uncertainty: Evolutionary perspectives on male anti-cuckoldry tactics

Human Sperm Competition

Inclusive fitness benefits mitigate costs of cuckoldry to socially paired males

What factors are associated with reporting lacking interest in sex and how do these vary by gender?

Dating and Events

Venus Connections – Matchmaking for loving cuckolding relationships

Dating Kinky