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“I’m an outspoken advocate for real, loving cuckolding relationships. Six years ago I had no idea it existed and I’m sure there are other women out there today who don’t either and when you find something so life changing, you just want to share it with others. That’s what motivates me to tell my stories and experiences and share my love and passion for these kinds of incredible relationships.”


About Venus’s Journey

From the moment Venus learned about cuckolding relationships 6 years ago, she knew it fit exactly who she was and she dove right in. She wanted to reach out to other women who might not be aware this kind of relationship existed so in 2015 she began writing about her stories and experiences of dating, cuckolding, and becoming a Queen of Spades, on venuscuckoldress.com.

In early 2020 she branched out to launch the Venus Cuckoldress Podcast which thanks to her infectious enthusiasm and genuine nature, has since shot to the top 1.5% of the podcast charts worldwide. Venus has also been a guest on podcasts such as Dan Savage’s – The Savage Lovecast, the Shameless Sex Podcast, and Consenting Adults. She absolutely loves having these opportunities to lend her voice to educate people about the beautiful complexities of a loving cuckolding relationship dynamic.

Today Venus enjoys working full time on the podcast, building a community for women in this lifestyle, writing a monthly column in ASN Lifestyle Magazine, and doing live audio chats on The MON App. Her newest venture is a private matchmaking service called Venus Connections for single women and men who are looking for a loving cuckolding relationship.

Supporting Venus

“Recently I have created a Patreon page for people who love the podcast and want to support it. As a thank you to them, I have created several perks which I think will show my appreciation for their ongoing support.”

Venus xo

What is Patreon?

The perks of becoming a Patron of the Venus Cuckoldress Podcast

  • Access to participate in the Pillow Talk parties, which is a 2 hour intimate livecast video event, hosted by Venus and usually a few other cucktress guests. It’s a casual and super fun question and answer and conversations with Patreon supporters. It’s a great way to ask whatever you want and get to know Venus, other women in the lifestyle, and other supporters. Pillow Talks happen usually every few weeks and invites are sent out to Patreon subscribers.
  • A bonus mini podcast episode every week! Patreon subscribers get access to weekly episodes which are of varying cuckolding lifestyle topics, sexy short stories, or questions submitted by listeners.
  • Contests and giveaways! Being a patron means you are eligible to win a variety of contests and promotions – it could be a handwritten letter, Venus’s favourite books, a private phone call, or even the ultimate Venus experience!
  • Live Hangouts – currently these are open to everyone but will change to Patron only in the near future. Come hangout live with Venus for announcements, behind the scenes chat, cuckolding in the news, and whatever else!
  • That warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you are helping to support Venus’s quest to reach more women and educate them about the beauty of this kind of relationship and explore and celebrate the uniqueness and complexities of this lifestyle.
  • The friend tier gives you all of the above, plus access to the Venus Vault and you can book a 1:1 private voice chat with Venus

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In addition to The Venus Blog, she has also contributed to various columns and online magazines:

Venus co-wrote an answer for Dan Savage’s column Savage Love – https://www.thestranger.com/savage-love/2021/10/26/62311268/savage-love

ASN Magazine – Venus writes a monthly column – http://magazine.asnlifestylemagazine.com/books/opdq/#p=54 

Sex and the Single Cuckoldress

What it takes to be a cuckoldress – http://simplysxy.com/articles/2018/12/20/what-it-takes-to-be-a-cuckoldress/

The Goddess Worshipper Interview: https://goddessworshipping.blogspot.com/2020/04/exclusive-interview-with-venus.html

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