Write for Venus Cuckoldress!

In porn, cuckolding is focused on the cuck, but the real cuckolding relationships that Venus had and saw have been centered on the woman and her pleasure! Primarily focusing on the empowered woman, she created The Venus Cuckoldress blog, then later a podcast of the same name in order to talk about those real, authentic cuckolding relationships and bust myths. 

Why Are You Accepting Guest Posts?

Venus only has her own perspective, and cuckolding relationships can be strikingly different from couple to couple. To explore the wide spectrum of what loving cuckolding relationships look like, Venus is inviting people of all backgrounds to add to the narrative by writing for The Venus Cuckoldress blog. She is especially interested in hearing from people that aren’t heard from often in this community:

  • Bulls willing to share their perspective
  • Gay, lesbian, or otherwise non-straight couples in a cuckolding dynamic
  • Couples of color or interracial couples in a cuckolding dynamic
  • Cuckoldresses of color
  • Cuckqueens (women who like to be cuckolded)
  • Cuckold couples or bulls outside of the US and UK

Anyone is welcome to pitch as long as they have unique experiences, skills, or resources to share with this community!

Can My Post Be a Story?

Yes! We welcome stories and experiences that actually happened in real life. As much as we love educational content, let’s admit that this lifestyle is incredibly hot. Send us your real stories, especially focusing on the aspects of cuckolding that don’t get shown in porn.

What Topics Should I Write About?

When you send in your pitch, feel free to write about anything related to cuckolding. We know that’s broad, so here are a few ideas:

  • Transitioning from hotwifing to cuckolding
  • Reviews of cuckolding porn or romance novels that are actually accurate
  • Experiences as a non-straight cuckolding couple
  • Cuckolding outside of the US or UK
  • Reclaiming healthy masculinity as a cuck
  • Aftercare for cuckolding couples
  • Experiences as a bull

What Do I Get in Return?

Guest posters will receive $50 for guest posts. You will also have a space at the bottom of the post to include a short bio where you can discuss yourself and point readers to your social media or other projects. We will also promote your article on social media and tag you if possible.

Also, as we mentioned above, we want to include more people in the narrative. You could help other people see themselves in this lifestyle. This could help prevent shame and embarrassment. We truly see adding more voices as beneficial.

What’s the Process Like?

If interested, send a short pitch to admin@venuscuckoldress.com. Include what you would like to write about and why you’re the best person to do so. The admin will get back to you within a week with a deadline and any specific guidelines.

In general though, all pieces must not have been posted anywhere else before. For complex formatting issues, we refer to MLA style, but that doesn’t often come up. We also use the American spelling of words that have regional differences, and ask that you do the same. Finally, pieces must be between 300 and 1000 words. If you need longer, consider breaking your piece into two posts!

By the deadline, you will email the admin back with either an attached Word Doc or a Google Docs link that includes your finished piece, a 100 to 300 word bio, and any social media links that you would like included. You should edit your post to the best of your abilities. If it needs extensive editing, the admin may send it back to you for a second look. When finalized, the editor will let you know an approximate time your piece will be published on the site and send you the payment via PayPal.

You will receive an email when your post goes live. You are welcome to crosspost it 90 days later as long as your link back to the Venus Cuckoldress site at the top or bottom of your post.

What if I Have More Questions?

Email the admin! The email address is admin@venuscuckoldress.com. The admin can answer any questions you have about guest posting and will be your point of contact throughout the whole process.