The separation between sex and love

What kind of woman is suited for the cuckoldress lifestyle? Aside from a high sex drive and sexual confidence, how does a woman have to think about sex and confidence to make this kind of relationship work? She needs to draw a line in the sand when it comes to sex and love.

First off let me say that I just got some mind blowing black dick and I’m feeling pretty on top of the world right now so I guess it’s making feel inspired to write.

One of the things I have thought a lot about is what exactly makes a woman right for this kind of lifestyle. Like who is this lifestyle best suited for?Besides having an above average sexual appetite and sense of sexual confidence, I feel like a woman needs to be really good at separating sex from love.

What I mean by that is most women automatically attach sex and love in their mind;  they feel like the emotions involved with sex translate into the feelings of love for the person. I’ve seen women struggle with this when it comes to trying non-monogamy because eventually things get complicated when someone catches feelings.

For me, I first began to really  see the line between sex and love when I was spending time in the swingers community. I realized that you could have a solid loving relationship and that sex with others is exactly just that – sex with others. It allowed me to look deeper into the idea of sex being something separate from love and the more I thought about it that way, the more I gave myself permission to really go for my fantasies and my desires.

It’s allowed me to  fully embrace cuckolding relationships knowing that I can have a beautiful loving and trusting relationship with my life partner and also have the most mind blowing sex with other men.

My cuck will have my heart and black men will have my body. I’m not saying that my cuck wouldn’t ever have intimate sexual experiences with me, I’m just saying that no one else would have my heart – just him.  He can feel assured that this kind of relationship dynamic is exactly suited to me and that I need and want him just as much as I need and want BBC.

Venus xo

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  1. It is difficult to separate sex and love. Married life has normal small problems with the children, and at work, sometimes I have petty little problems with my husband because we’re always together.
    With my boyfriend I always have fantastic sex. We’re short together (for sex only), and we do not have time to fight each other. Many women think that her normal life with boyfriend will be fantastic as sex. Mostly it is completely the opposite, besides the fantastic sex anything else be wrong.
    During the first year of our cuckold marriage, I started falling in love with a Bull. I broke up to him because I knew I was going to ruin the marriage and relationship with him.

  2. Venus what you describe is the ideal cuckold relationship. It really is unachievable for most men for a couple of reasons. The first is that no matter how our wives see it, eventually one of her lovers will fall in love with her and try to convince her to leave her cuck for him. That is precisely what happened to my wife and I. She had a lover for two years. He tried to convince her to leave me for him. Fortunately my wife sees sex and love very much as you do. Two separate things. As a matter of fact she goes a little further. She has no issue with using sex to get what she wants from a man. Anyway she not only refused to leave me, she quit their relationship.
    When he did not get what he wanted, he continued to try to split us up until I had to do my manly duty and put a stop to it.
    The second reason is simply because to many people, especially younger people, confuse infatuation with love.

  3. I would be curious to hear how you would change the world if you could wake up tomorrow and have any changes you want. (Excepting the obvious stuff like an end to evil =P)

  4. I see this in a slightly different way.

    I still associate sex with love. In my case, the sex I have is love for my cuck.

    He’s gone for a weekend with friends, and this is our conversation:

    Cuck: Ok. Going out of range. Adore!

    Me: More! I’ll be thinking of you tonight, while I’m being fucked well by Scott.

    Cuck: Damn woman!

    Me: Because I love you so much.

    And I did think about him, after hiking with my favorite bull, having some deep discussions, then going to bed to be made into a puddle of girl goo. And I love my cuck even more now than I did before that.

    So, it’s another way for those who DO associate sex with love to find bliss in cuckolding… all the sex creates love that ties back to the cuck.

  5. Sounds like you want something wonderful 🙂

    And congrats on your recent inspiration, oh to be a fly on the wall so to speak.

  6. CJ,

    A bit of advice: Find yourself before you find a woman. You are 27 and that’s still young, all things considered. Stop watching the cuck porn!! It’s bullshit.

    How do I know? Because I’m not like anything portrayed in those videos. Don’t confuse fetish with reality. Remember, there is a range of things people enjoy in this lifestyle: sissification, submissive 24/7, dominant cucks, bedroom vs every day life, but none of them will make you a complete human being without being complete in every other aspect of your life.

    Let me explain my mindset…
    I’m a responsible adult male, a good father, have a good job, house, etc. I see those videos or Twitter posts speaking about “white bois” vs “real men” and think, “Sure, the humiliation is fun… but that’s not the real me.” Think about it…. being a “real man” takes more than a cock. Are you responsible? Have a good career? Take care of your family? Honorable? A man is much more than just a cock. Sure, the wife’s sex play and humiliation play is a turn on. However, if someone disrespected me outside that “play scene” I’m more than likely to take them by the scruff of the neck and toss them out of the house with my foot in their ass.

    I’ve spoken to a woman overseas for over a year now. It’s too bad she is there, and I’m here, but this is how she expresses her desires regarding a cuckold relationship: “To me, a bull is a dildo with personality. I like them. I have fun with them. I want them there for sex. After, I want them to go home so I can spend time with the one I love.”

    Here is the kicker: Many won’t agree with my mindset and that’s ok. In fact, perhaps I won’t ever find a woman who gets it (besides the one in Sweden!!). That’s ok too. You know why? Because I’m my own man and this lifestyle does not DEFINE me. This lifestyle is not a NEED, it’s a WANT. Which, enables me to fall in love whether the woman I meet is into this lifestyle or not.

    At the end of the day, the couple are the ones who live life day to day. They are the ones that are in love. They are the ones getting kids ready for school, planning the day, planning the vacations, planning their future together.

    Put another way: What if you meet the woman of your fetish dreams, then 10 years down the road, she doesn’t want to partake anymore? Where will you be then? You need more than this lifestyle if you are going to make it as a couple. Focus on yourself, make yourself complete.

  7. The ideal is to have both: amazing relationship and amazing sex with the same person. For monogamous people at least. That’s what most people seek but it’s a rare thing and usually doesn’t last.

  8. The problem is, that love comes with time, when a cuckold relationship begins love isn’t present. But Venus that is exactly what I want: Exclusivity in love and for compensation my cuckoldress would have endless sex with me and bbc,,Win win situation 🙂

  9. Please stop writing.! I’m a 27 year old cuck from Pittsburgh. And having this fetish has totally damaged my ability to be happy. I have had a decent number of girlfriend I have explored this with and at this point I am very close to blowing my brains open. Because this fetish for a cuck is like a virus. We cucks sexualizing inadequacy and will always never feel worthy of having real intimate sex with a women and will endlessly seek more and more degradenss and belittlement until we can’t even look at our selves in the mirror or get up for work without the strongest feeling of human detachment. But as social conditioning keeps having white women think blk men are more exceptional than white men it will just continues. You put a beautiful understanding to cuckolding, a one sided one but that’s what us as cucks love a women who is all about her.It gives us a sence of acceptcnece that we have never gotten as average looking men. But this fetish will just eat and eat at you regardless of age. 99% of is wannabe cucks will die unhappy. Watching cuck porn for 5 hours a day. Understand that ever time you have eve had a guy as a cuck be involed in a encounter it destroy him little by little . You go home loving this ideal Cuckold fantasy with your bf who eats cumand rubbs your fert He goes home and drinks alone, Not being able to go out to actually find a happy woman to bring in his life and having zero peolpe to talk to about his desire. He hates work, hobbies and his family because all he thinks about is finding a woman for a cuck relationship .I love cuckolding if I could find a attractive beauiful white woman and not fat one (sorry) because that’s what I normally get on online dating sites .that and woman who only want to have sex with me. If I found that I would eat blk fun over her ass twice a day. ( which i have) . I would still feel that aloneness and lack of self worth will never go away.As a person and bit a cuck I extremely wish with all my heart that I could go back in time to 2009 and never discover this kink. It would have possibly save me from a life time of empty feeling and endless hatered for women and myself.

    🙁 In another life I hope

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