The Project

Cucks, I’m looking for you…

I’m excited to announce that I am working on a project together with the Keys and Anklets Podcast and we’re looking for cucks (single or married) who fit our criteria for participation.

To help us find them we’ve developed a short questionnaire which you can find here.

Rest assured your information provided will be kept private and confidential. For now, the full details of the project won’t be revealed however we would like you to know that it does not involve being interviewed for the podcast. Please note we will only contact those of you who we feel make a great match for what we are looking for.


Venus xo

9 thoughts on “The Project”

  1. Just filled out the questionnaire, I liked where the questions were going and am curiously anxious to find out what the project involves 🙂

  2. It is refreshing that you have such a perfectly clear outlook and are totally confident in what you want! I definitely respectfully second what you said about denial Ma’am. Chastity and denial are such beautiful things for the lucky man who gets to experience them.

  3. Thanks Venus!
    As a one-man woman – I’ve always had compunctions with multiple partners. I don’t think I can have sexual relationships with more than one person and the same applies to my emotional relationships as well.
    Based on your answers – I feel like I can have the best of both worlds with some upfront communication with the potential cuck on what he can expect from the relationship.
    You are a shining beacon to women and represent what sexual liberation looks like to us millennials as we break out of the #Metoo quagmire.
    I really hope you find what you seek as you soldier through!

    Thanks again!

  4. Great questions!

    1. I don’t have any set rules on whether or not I fuck my cuck. I find it really depends on the relationship. Every person is different.
    2. No I don’t feel denial to be damaging for a cuck. In fact I think it helps bring the two of you closer and helps him focus his attention on your needs instead of his own.
    3. Definitely there is a risk of that. I feel like if it’s easy for a woman to separate sex and love, then she is far less likely to fall in love with a bull. However many women do associate sex with feelings of love and therefore it really can be a slippery slope.
    4. Always. I am totally up front and honest about my lifestyle with any bulls. I believe that’s important. Even though I’m single I still make it clear that a relationship with a cuck is what I want. And if he’s not okay with that then I won’t see him.

  5. Thanks – I just posted .. I think? The mobile experience is not great… :-/


  6. Venus – I got here from the keysandanklets podcast. Thanks for a great interview – refreshing to finally get a woman’s perspective into cuckolding!
    Some questions – in the interview you alluded to your love for chastity and BBC – does that mean you expect the cuck to remain celibate?
    As a curious single woman myself who relishes the power dynamic, I love the idea of denial especially if I’m getting my sexual needs fulfilled elsewhere but can that be damaging emotionally to the cuck? Also – isn’t there a possibility of developing feelings for the bull? I find that bit difficult to reconcile – not so much me having what I want (even developing feelings) but more so damaging the cuck.
    Do you make it clear beforehand to suitors that they will never be getting any?

  7. Venus – great interview at keysandanklets!
    I have several questions and was wondering if it’d be ok to ask here.


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