The natural progression of a cuckoldress

“Do women become more selfish and cruel and therefore the men become more submissive and eager to please? Sure it depends if it’s actually cuckolding we’re talking about rather than just hotwifing, but I suspect that this is the trend that naturally happens over time.”


Recently I read my very first blog post ‘what the fuck is cuckolding’ which I wrote almost 2  years ago and what stood out for me was where I spoke about humiliation. At that time, while starting out my adventures in cuckolding, I felt interested in the humiliation aspect of cuckolding but only as long as I didn’t feel overtly cruel about it. I also wasn’t interested in male chastity at the time. I basically understood nothing about what its purpose was.

Fast forward two years and I’ve evolved into a cuckoldress who loves dishing out humiliation and is addicted to keyholding. I’ve become more self centered, less patient, and more demanding with what I want. This seemingly effortless transition got me wondering….is this a common natural progression for all cuckoldresses?

Do women become more selfish and cruel and therefore the men become more submissive and eager to please? Sure it depends if it’s actually cuckolding we’re talking about rather than just hotwifing, but I suspect that this is the trend that naturally happens over time. I should mention that I haven’t really done much research at all about cuckolding. I haven’t read any other blogs or talked with other cuckoldresses so I basically have only my own experiences to go by and that leaves me wondering about what it’s like for other women like me.

I think that for women who were born for this kind of relationship, they enjoy the attention, sexual superiority and empowerment that this lifestyle gives them. It gives her permission to set the bar high and insist that he exceed it for her. And for men who are hardwired to be a cuck, the trust and commitment in this kind of relationship allows them to feel safe to submit to her and to want to live their own sex life strictly through hers. It’s a beautiful gift and the key to all of this working is of course love and trust.

So what do you think? Is there any truth in this? I welcome your comments.

Venus xo

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  1. From my perspective as someone who wants hotwife that will cuckold me with black men, there has definitely been progression. Most of my life was first spent in Fear of the inherent sexual superiority of black cock. Even the sight of a black penis a used me to look away bashfully.

    Then came Reluctance as I found my. First interracial porn… And soon after, amateur IR cuckold porn. These were real couples doing this. It was mysterious to me, and more of a novelty. But I found myself drawn to it.

    After perhaps a few years came Acceptance as thoughts of black cock and white pussy became central to my sexual thought process – and that’s where the deeper elements of Cuckolding began to appeal to me. Cages used to terrify me – now, the idea of being locked up at the mercy of my hotwife while she samples all that hung black men have to offer thrills me, verbally letting me know how much better his black cock is and how much more she loves the sex.

    Of course trust is key. Ultimately, I could never be pussy-free. There would EVENTUALLY need to be a time where the cage comes off, and we make love. It’s the trust that she knows the right time, when I’ve been through enough to deserve a sweet release… Before going right back in the cage. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It’s my dream to eventually live this and ascend to the final stage of cuckolding: Submission. Where talk is action.

  2. Thereโ€™s a theory that women feel contempt for beta males. Maybe a resentment for harboring effeminate qualities. Do you think a sublimated tinge of regret and resentment exists that causes a woman to passive aggressively punish them for being how they are?

  3. With time I think all things in our lives evolve. It also seems that with technology and communication on such a amazing level. 22 Years ago I didn’t even know even know what what masturbation was. But then innocence and watching Lucy Lawless as “Xena Warrior Princess” Soon became downloading some of the world’s first major IRC GIF/JPEG IRC porn.

    My first accidental cuckold experience was traumatic and a mind fuck of embarrassment combined with extreme arousal. Descend shy banker to scared to tell his vanilla girlfriend his eroticisms, Ascend former drug dealer whom indulges in orgies, raw gluttony in the form of lust with his former dancer and escort customers. Nothing is enough, my thirst for humiliation, enthralled in the worship of my playmates pleasure over my own!

  4. I think you’re very wrong. There’s a big difference between what the likes of that fat toad Weinstein did and what a couple choose to do consensually in a fetish lifestyle.
    One was rape and/or sexual abuse.The other is playing mutually satisfying kinky games.
    Your comparison and logic are way off.

  5. Almost everyone that is given power is prone to abuse that power if given a chance. Just look at the Stanford prison experiment for instance. Or Harvey Weinstein. Or Irma Grese for that matter. It’s a human trait and that’s just the way we roll! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Yes, i do agree with you. i think as a cuckoldress lives the lifestyle she opens up more and more and can be more honest with herself regarding what she is feeling. no longer afraid of enjoying humiliating and controlling her cuck (i think most women inherently are raised to be “nice” and not be “mean”, that would make you a bad person if you enjoyed hurting someone else whether emotionally (humiliation) or physically). she becomes more comfortable in her own skin and more self accepting of her kink, more attuned to her real desires.

  7. I find it so hot that You get off on the chastity and humiliation more now. As a potential cuck and just a kinky guy in general, it turns me on so much to think of You being turned on, or at least getting a head rush while thinking of me frustrated in chastity while You get fucked hard by Your bull.
    I love the power dynamic and the cruelty of the Cuckoldress.

  8. It’s not just women, everyone that gets power has the tendency to use it..It’s also a bit more than just cuckolding(I used to think hotwifing as cuckolding)sounds more like a bdsm relationship between mistress and sub..

  9. As Explorer states, a lot of variation here. Or rather, need of clarification.

    “Iโ€™ve become more self centered, less patient, and more demanding with what I want.”
    Is this in regard to the activities you enjoy with your cuckold, or in what you want in the overall relationship you are searching for?

    If the former, it could be understood as that is the sexual dynamic that exists.

    If the latter, it depends on some finer points: Are you becoming more self-centered, less patient, and demanding because you grow weary in your search for that significant other? Or are you becoming those things in regard to the every day relationship?
    In my own personal experience, I’d find the last point more harmful to the relationship than good. I’ve been with women who are self-centered, impatient, and demanding. It’s not fun at all.. lol. To me, the family comes first. The relationship second. You can’t have someone who are those things you mentioned and have a relationship succeed. Which is why some of mine haven’t.. lol

    My view is also colored because of the type of cuck I can/would be. I’m sure others can be more submissive and thrive under such circumstances as you describe. I get the FLR. I could even do that as long as the family and relationship were at the forefront.

    In my own exploration, I found I can enjoy the humiliation, the chastity, her enjoying sex that I’m unable to give her. However, outside of those situations where it’s obviously play time, I should be respected for the person I am: a good husband, father, employee, etc. To give an example: If I felt one of her lovers was disrespecting me outside the “sexual” context of the relationship, there would be some shit going down. While not a sexual God to her, I’m still a man. I don’t mean him playing the humiliation thing either. I get that. I mean someone who is genuinely disrespecting me.
    If it was her genuinely disrespecting me, then she would have broken that bond we established. After all, how could I love and trust someone that actually thinks I’m shit? That pertains to the last paragraph you wrote. It needs to be there.

    Anyway, good post. I hope you get some women responding to you. I heard you wanted that from your podcast interview. Would be good to hear what other women the lifestyle thought.

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