Fuck him

For so long I had zero interest in pegging guys. I think in a way I thought there wouldn’t really be anything in it for me and I’m so selfish sexually that the thought of it being his sexual experience and not mine…well it turned me the fuck off. Little did I know I would soon love it.

Before I get into this post about my new-found love of pegging, let me begin by saying that I’ve just done a short follow up interview for the KinkyCast Podcast for their 5 year anniversary episode. Turns out, the interview I did with them previously was their most listened to episode – yay! Here’s the link to it: https://kinkycast.com/archive/2019-archive/261—five-year-anniversary.html

Also I’m happy to share a new article for the Spades Magazine. Here is the complete story of how I became a Queen of Spades: http://spadesmag.com/2019/02/the-beginning-for-a-qos-cuckoldress/

Lastly in case you missed the link in my previous post, here’s the article I wrote for Simplysxy about what it takes to be a cuckoldress: http://simplysxy.com/articles/2018/12/20/what-it-takes-to-be-a-cuckoldress/

Now onto the really exciting news about pegging…

For so long I had zero interest in pegging guys and I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out exactly why. I think in a way I thought there wouldn’t really be anything in it for me and I’m so selfish sexually that the thought of it being his sexual experience and not mine…well it turned me the fuck off. So for ages I wanted nothing to do with it.

Then last summer I went out with a young cuck friend. We went for dinner and then to watch a football game (holy fuck the players are hotness) and after a few drinks we went back to his apartment. I had him locked in chastity as usual and he showed me the harness and attachment that he had just bought. Maybe it was the drinks mixed with curiosity, I don’t know, but I ended up trying it on and telling him I wanted to fuck his ass.

What happened next is hard to put into words. I want to say I was overcome with the power and control that came with being in that position, but really it was so much more than simply that. Something in me just took over and knew exactly what to do, say, push, and overpower him. I was at times gentle and sweet and other times strong and unforgiving, and the whole thing was incredible. It was a rush I had never had before – ever!

The next day I was just in amazement of how much I actually loved pegging. I wondered though, was it the alcohol? Was is the hot black football players I watched at the game that night that made me so excited? I wasn’t sure but I did know that I wanted to do it again.

Fast forward a couple months and I had a harness of my own (thanks to a friend of mine) and a small list of two more young white cuck friends who wanted me to pop their virgin ass cherry. I must admit I was a little nervous planning the second time around. This time I was totally sober and had everything planned beforehand so I wondered if I would love it the way I did the first time. Well well well….let me tell you… it was even better!!

So it’s official now I totally have a new-found love of pegging, and I’m really glad that I ended up going for it. For all of the women out there who are feeling like they hate the idea, take it from me, it’s really worth giving it a try!

Venus xo

Stories from summer 2017

The summer is coming to an end and although I didn’t accomplish everything that I set out to do, I did manage to have some fun here and there. Here are a few stories about my adventures.

In June I had a cuck come to meet me here in Vancouver. I didn’t really know a lot about him but since he was going to fly from the US I figured I would spend the weekend with him. He was a nice guy and we got along well. We went out to restaurants, rented a boat and spent the afternoon on the water. 

I usually prefer not to cuck a guy on the first date – that’s something I used to do and while it’s fun, it lacks meaning without the established relationship part – but I changed my mind the second day. I had been talking to a tall black guy from LA that day who happened to be in Vancouver. So I arranged to have him show up at the bar we were going to be in later that night. I kept it secret from the cuck. 

We were sitting at the bar when I saw him walk in, tall black and beautiful. He walked over, I gave him a kiss and turned to my cuck and told him to buy him a drink. He did what he was told to do and after a few drinks I said let’s all go back to the hotel. My cuck just looked at me and smiled. 

In the room I told him to sit and watch while my black bull did whatever he wanted to me. I’m not on birth control so my bull came on me, not in me, and he ordered my cuck to come closer to watch as it happened. Then I told him to clean it all up. He was a bit hesitant to do it at first because he had never done that before but I told him that’s his job as a cuck so he did it. I kissed my bull goodbye and he left. The sheets were a wet mess so I made him sleep on that side of the bed. The next day it was time for him to fly back to the US and although we had a nice weekend together, we lacked a connection beyond that so I wasn’t interested in meeting again. 

Also in June, I was having visits by a 21 year old white boy who lives here in Vancouver. He has a foot fetish so I let him worship my feet and my ass. He massages my feet, kisses my pedicured toes, and I stand above him and slide my pretty little feet as far down his throat as possible. He’s getting quite good at that. Sometimes I’ll sit on his face and let him breathe once in a while or other times I will just lay back and watch a movie or text on my phone while his face is firmly between my thighs. 

So one day he happened to mention that he’s a virgin. I told him he better do something about that because at 21 he was getting a little old for that and it would become something awkward. He said he was saving it for a girl who he really liked. Well it didn’t take much for me to take his virginity and he certainly didn’t protest. Of course I had to tell him exactly what to do and how to do it but really he’s lucky that I did that for him. His future girlfriends will thank me. 

July was a girls trip to Las Vegas and my oh my…there are a lot of beautiful black men there and we certainly sampled a few of them. 

Over the summer I reconnected with some cucks from my past, only to be disappointed yet again by their flakiness and all talk and no action kind of behavior. Sigh…..I really shouldn’t give second chances anymore. Anyways I won’t go off about that. I’ve already ranted on this blog enough before. Stupid cucks. 

In August I went to Southern Georgia with one of my black guys and had a nice relaxing vacation with loads of incredible sex. That’s my kind of vacation! Actually I really just want that every day…

For my flight home I had one of my submissive white guy friends pick me up from the airport and I stayed at his apartment that night. I was exhausted from a full day of flights but I let him bury his face in my pussy as I laid back and watched my favorite BBC porn, then repeat it again the next morning. He did everything I wanted him to do for me. Such a good boy.

This past weekend I had a new black guy from Seattle come to see me and he fucked me so good and I loved feeling his BBC slide down the back of my throat. I’m definitely adding him to my stable! 

Things will likely slow down a little in the next while but I’m still holding out hope that I will meet my future cuck husband, my life partner. I’m keeping my fingers crossed but my expectations at a sadly low level.
P.S. the photo that I’ve attached to this post is one from my own collection – enjoy!