2021 BIG announcements!

The new year is almost here and I have so many exciting things to share with everyone! Pssst you definitely don’t want to miss the announcement at the bottom about the grand prize!

My last post about looking back on 2020 was all about how it was a surprisingly great year for the Venus Cuckoldress Podcast, despite everything that was going on in the world. The podcast was launched in January and I was able to release 15 episodes and overall it’s been really popular with listeners. The most popular episode was Interracial Cuckolding and second place went to Women Love Cuckolding. Personally I’m hoping the second place episode was so popular because I’ve succeeded in reaching more women to inspire them to learn about this beautiful cuckolding relationship dynamic.

Highlights of the year for me were joining the Priory Society Podcast in studio in Los Angeles, teaming up with the Casual Swingers Podcast for a sequel episode about cuckolding, and my absolute mind-blowing experience of joining Dan Savage on the Savage LoveCast to talk about cuckolding relationships – woot woot!! Also I have really loved doing the Pillow Talks – live Q&A video sessions with other cuckoldresses as guests.

But with all of that, the real excitement came at the end of the year with the announcement that the Venus Cuckoldress Podcast is in the top of the top 1% of all active podcasts on Buzzsprout!! Holy fuck that really blew my mind to find that out. Not long after that I decided to make the huge step of quitting my day job and dedicating my time and energy to doing what I love – the Venus Cuckoldress Podcast. This is a massive step for me and I’m nervous but excited about it. For all of you who have supported the podcast on Patreon, it is entirely because of you that I am now able to do this!

What’s coming up?

The one year anniversary celebrations will be happening between January 2nd and February 2nd. Each week there will be giveaways and prizes for Patrons of the Venus Cuckoldress Podcast. Some examples are my favourite books with a handwritten note written from me inside the cover and 30 minute private one on one phones calls. I’ll also be doing some live hangouts (open to everyone for now) via CrowdCast so watch my Twitter page for updates about when those will be.

All current and new Patrons of the Venus Cuckoldress Podcast in January will receive a handwritten card from myself and mailed to them (if they consent) as a thank you for supporting the podcast.

Podcast Episodes

Now that I will have more time to dedicate to the podcast, you can expect more regularly scheduled full episodes for everyone’s listening pleasure. I’m aiming for every two weeks.

New Patron-only mini episodes will be released every week on Patreon. The fun little episodes will be sexy short stories, questions from listeners, and more so make sure you sign up on Patreon to support the podcast and you will get exclusive access to these gems and click here to submit a question for Venus https://venuscuckoldress.com/ask-venus/.

The ever popular Pillow Talks live with Venus and guests will continue in 2021 and more often than before! Invitations get sent out on Patreon.

Grand prize draw!

On February 2nd I will randomly draw one Patron of the podcast to win their choice of prize (see below). These are the two things that my Patrons have said they absolutely would love the most:

  1. The Venus foreplay experience – join Venus by private video (no faces) as she gets ready for her BBC date. Start with choosing what to wear, watch her do her hair and makeup, choose a perfume, and soak in all of the excitement and anticipation as she prepares to see her bull. This will be incredibly hot and sexy!
  2. Listen through the keyhole – listen in on the phone as Venus gets stretched out by her bull. Be forewarned she is loud as fuck! You’ll be using your cuck imagination as you listen to this hot as fuck encounter. Can you take it?
  3. Singles or couples mentorship – 3 weeks of mentorship with Venus to better understand and navigate the cuckolding lifestyle (great pick for women!).

Pillow talks with Venus


What are pillow talks?

During the doom and gloom of the Covid-19 global pandemic I really wanted some way of connecting with others to combat the social isolation so many of us were going through. So I did a little homework and found a way to do CrowdCast events. I can be on video and people can join in by typing in their questions and watching/listening, and also chat with others in the chat box at the same time .

In the spring of 2020 I decided to go for it and it’s been so much more fun than I ever dreamed it would be. It’s given me the opportunity to get to know others in this lifestyle and talk about the things that I’m so passionate about. Most importantly though, it’s been a place to smile, laugh, and just relax together.

Lately I’ve extended some invitations for other women to join me and that’s when the real fun happens. It’s my mission in life to have people understand this relationship dynamic in a way that reflects the beauty and love it has, and I feel that the message about it needs to come from women. Collectively, though pillow talks, blogs, podcasts, and social media accounts, we can amplify our voices and set the message straight – cuckolding is love.

How to register

The pillow talks are open to any of the Patreon tiers of the Venus Cuckoldress Podcast. This step isn’t meant to monetize it, it’s simply been a way for me to minimize the creeps and stalkers that show up when it’s open to everyone. So far, it’s working! You can register for an event anytime and submit questions on the page prior to the event. If you miss the live event you might be able to view it afterwards. Most times I’m able to keep them for viewing after, but sometimes for privacy reasons I need to delete one so try to catch it live if you can.

My CrowdCast channel is here: https://www.crowdcast.io/venuscuckoldress

Venus xo