Shining a light on the cuck perspective

For all of the absolute shit that 2020 has brought to the world there has been one really incredible trend that I’ve noticed. Over the past couple of months there have been several new blogs that popped up and I am so happy about it. For all of the porn fantasy shit that saturates the cuckolding lifestyle, it’s so refreshing to have something that reflects the beautiful reality of true loving cuckolding relationships.

These blogs are well thought out and definitely get you thinking and reflecting. Here they are:

The Confident Cuck – also on Twitter

Cuckoldress Scarlet she’s on Twitter too:

Cuckold Kisses – he’s on Twitter

A couple more blogs that have been around for a while but are also great:

Cuckold Marriage – Anne – she is also on Twitter

The Goddess Worshipping Blog – find him on Twitter here

For more helpful resources visit the Recommended Resources page.

Venus xo