Reaching the end

“For all of the women who may be reading this, please don’t let this discourage you. This kind of relationship has the potential to be everything you can imagine it would be, I just wish you more luck than I have had and please beware of the the liars and manipulators out there.”


The last three years in this lifestyle have been intense and beautiful and also disappointing. I have been blessed with some incredible mind-blowing experiences and met some truly amazing people and for that I’m grateful.

Having said that though, I think a person can only take so much of the dishonesty of some people and I’ve reached that point now. So I’m taking a break from it all and I don’t know if I will come back to it or not but for now I need to step away.

For all of the women who may be reading this, please don’t let this discourage you. This kind of relationship has the potential to be everything you can imagine it would be, I just wish you more luck than I have had and please beware of the the liars and manipulators out there. They are everywhere and they can be very sneaky and they can waste your time and even break your heart so don’t let your guard down and always trust your gut feelings about someone.

Venus xo

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  1. You are probably a man who can only be sexually aroused if another man fucking your wife. It’s rare, but it exists. Most women who are dissatisfied with husband penis size, or their sexual performans, cheats them with other men. When a husband finds out that his wife is cheating, that usually ends with a divorce.
    A more honest relationship is when he knows that his wife has sex with other men. Most husbands do not want to see how another man fucking his wife. Some men get aroused when they watch sex between his wife and another man. Rare are men who want to watch sex between his wife and bull and to suck a bull’s penis.
    It’s rarely written about cuckold marriage. Many of these writing are fantasy. Tom my dear, I’m sorry that you could not cum into your pants by reading my blog posts. I hope you can do this by reading some of my next posts.

  2. I don’t know who you are @cuckoldmarriage5, but whoever wrote the posting you refer to writes like a 12 year old. It kinda looks like some priest making up a cautionary tale.

  3. Much of what you experience has to do with how it was approached. Any woman can find a fantasy, but without respect, she’s going to attract the wrong kind of men. 3 years to try and find a suitable mate is a good time frame but I look at a lot of the comments and I have to wonder if you were taken seriously. A real cuck is always going to be leery of a circus act. I kinda think the only cucks attracted to this kind of situation, so openly advertised, I mean a gangbang on your wedding night?? are the porny sycophants that are begging for humiliation. They’re just playing into the role. I’m a cuck but I don’t want anything to do with sissification and only want erotic humiliation. The situation still has to be right and comfortable.

    I’m always researching and getting better. I’m sincere. I’m asking questions. Right now I’ve got my curiosities to explore. I’d like to know the roles transference plays in the pleasure a wife has in sex outside the marriage. I think for you, this would be skewed as you would be having sex before we met, before we married, etc…

    This was an interesting premise BUT the forming of a relationship with a cuck should have been dealt with differently. My opinion. From what I read you were a bit too flippant thinking it was going to be easy.

  4. Sorry to hear that…

    But this problem isn’t (as always)this life style, the same applies in every vanilla relationship, in every aspect of life, that is because human is an incomplete creature, so nothing will be ever different till the end of time and the magic is exactly that we fight, although we know deep inside that the battle is already lost…

    Wish you the best…

  5. that’s where you’re wrong Venus, there ain’t no folding your hand! What you were dealt is your life homey! At best you can toss this pen name persona that you’ve worked so hard to build for yourself. But why INTF would a MC flow till they got a Ferrari & cluck it off?

    Whatever TF you think you’ve experienced was but your pretty toes wiggling amongst destinies icy cold water! Don’t B Scurred blondie! Embrace the power of the potential I was sent to bestow to you! Jump in this motha fuckr like a fearless subbubus grabbing souls to feast upon with her beloved incubus’s mutual dominion! 3:-) ! Feel that cold chill! Embrace the splendors it’s hock to your system delivers! Experience the endless ocean that is yours!

  6. Sorry to hear it Venus, but so many women like you pass the genuine men like myself that are dying to live this lifestyle with someone like you. But there is a list of requirements a mile long such women want to pigeon hole a potential partner into and then wonder why they are alone and complain about all the fakes. the fakes are there by the ton for sure, 90% of the people out there, male and female are just fantasizing bullshitters jerking off. the other thing is the “local” requirement. in an alternative lifestyle you have a better chance of seeing God than finding a partner locally. it is rare to be able to do so in vanilla life, yet alone in kink. just one example. what happens is people put out all these hoops and people come along that can’t jump through them so they fuck with the person, get what they can out of it to get off and move on. Chemistry – no compromise, kids no compromise, pets no compromise… the first is what makes anything possible, the second and third are family and nothing comes before family. other than that i can’t think of anything that shouldn’t be open to possibility. i don’t know, i could be completely wrong and just an asshole, but that is what i think being a genuine cuck on this end seeking the life for real after having lived it for a number of years with a wife i lost to cancer 6 years ago.

  7. I’m so sorry to hear this. I can only hope that what you are looking for appears as soon as you stop looking for it. I wish you the best and maybe in another life I will be able to meet you and have the opportunity to become your cuck.

  8. I’m sorry to hear about your disappointments. I will miss reading your blog and the provoking thoughts you share. Sometimes you just need to step back and focus on other things. I can only say this in regard to your experiences: They are what shape us, and as we learn from them, it makes it easier to weed through the bad ones.
    Best wishes to you and yours while you are away.

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