Money is a bitch

“By far the biggest reason cucks don’t trust women like me is because so  many women are out there looking to use guys for their  money.”


Findommes are a real pain in my ass. No really…the money hungry gold digging bitches lingering around this lifestyle are the main reason why so many  men distrust women and I wish this problem didn’t exist.

Thanks to the internet all of us are searching online for our soulmates in the cuck lifestyle and this can be a tricky and sometimes very shady place. Let’s face it, there are some creeps out there (I’ve met more than my fair share of them) so you have to be careful. There are online profiles which are fake or misleading (soooo many) and some people who lure you into trusting them so that they can extort you or blackmail you. Yeah that’s some fucked up shit!

But by far the biggest reason cucks don’t trust women like me is because so  many women are out there looking to use guys for their  money. Some are upfront about it, claiming to be into financial domination and looking for paypigs (guys who feel submissive by giving money to greedy women), and other women are sneaky bitches about it by lying and manipulating men into giving them money. Women are literally making a living off of these men and they are everywhere online.

It’s no wonder so many guys I talk to don’t want to trust me in the beginning. Many of them have had encounters with these women before and it has left them nervous about future encounters and I can understand that but I wish this wasn’t such a common obstacle because it makes it really hard to get to know someone when the trust isn’t there from day 1 – and we all know how important trust is in this kind of relationship!

For the record I am not one of these gold digging bitches. Yes I do love to be treated well but I want my man to treat me that way because he genuinely wants to and not because I demand it from him. I would take offense to be labelled as a findomme as this is so far from who I actually am and anyone who says it about me simply does not know me at all.

So I’m putting it out there to all of the single cucks: not all of us are after your money. You can trust me on that.


Venus xo

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  1. Venus, you’ve hit the nail on the head. I am online a lot. My business allows me a lot of time when I’m not on the phone. Most of my life, 95% of it is the boring stuff in life. I get approached by as many as 4 or 5 of those findomme fakes a week. All telling a different sob story.

    It’s now the first thing I look for when I talk to a woman. I’m real. I know it takes time to get to know a person. I ask real questions, even if you don’t realize how important your answers are. I guess my first real question is, “Do you smoke?” I’m a non-smoker so if I get a flippant answer, not respectful. I immediately change. The change comes because I don’t take her seriously anymore. Simple things right?

    Thank you for writing this one.

  2. I have a slightly different perspective, but perhaps it comes from my female domination fetish.

    I have no issue with findom girls. If you’ve caught a glimpse of my twitter that’s pretty obvious. I like strong-willed women and I like them taking charge of their sexuality. They know what they are worth. These young girls realize they only have so many years of being young and pretty and are trying to monetize it. They are filling a niche of men who like to be dominated in any and every way possible.
    I see nothing wrong with this because, as long as they are up front about it, every body knows what they are getting into. Men are the biggest positive recipients of sexualizing women. They make all of the money as producers and distributors. They are studs for having sex with gorgeous women. They get all of the content designed for them and their needs.
    These young women are taking hold of that and getting theirs while showing dominance. I liken it towards a sex worker being her own caretaker and not being involved with a pimp or anything like that. She doesn’t need anyone else and if these men want to pay her for “rinsing” them and “draining their wallets” then there is nothing wrong with that.

    To me its no different then a casino. They provide a service. You know the pitfalls going in. If you’re addicted to gambling the casino isn’t going to help.

    I can understand not wanting to be mistaken for these girls. Most of them like to be the “mean girls” and treat their pay pigs horribly. They do this because that is the fetish they are filling. If its not your thing then absolutely you wouldn’t want to be confused for it. Just adding a bit of counter point is all 🙂

  3. This is true, however it is true for all kind of relationships…
    I belong to the 1% of the wannabe cucks, who is Alpha Male without any submissive wishes, in bdsm term I would say I am TOP..
    I have met on the web women like that, but for me it is easy to manipulate such women…One of them used to live in New York(a place that I would be happy to live in), was Asian origin, was really beauty, but from the second day she asked me 5000 $ in order to buy tickets to come and visit me!!! I said to her I could visit her to see her reaction. She said that anyway she would need the money to fix some things at her house, because she wanted a perfect home for us, hahahahaha…I answered that I was successful not by being stupid, submissive or even sentimental…She couldn’t understand that for me having a hotwife isn’t a weakness for me but an outlook of life…I feel though no sympathy for pathetic sissy cucks who don’t understand that even a Mistress/Sub bdsm relationship, is an EQUAL relationship between 2 conceding adults.
    Of course I would like to pay for dinner, drinks etc, I do that in every vanilla relationship anyway, I do it with my friends too, but those kind of women have absolutely no chances with me…

  4. Pussy rules the world, especially in the western world it’s easy for a woman to take advantage of men with her beauty & sexuality. Many women today live from their body, their profession is literally being a woman! Just watch the social media and the photos women post, their body is not their temple as they claim, it’s their ticket for a luxurious life. They make thousands of money with advertisements in their social media accounts, they find rich husbands etc. If women in the vanilla world take advantage of men it’s not hard to think this mentality wouldn’t pass in the cuckolding lifestyle.

    I don’t know how many times I’ve heard women say to me I have never paid for a drink in my life, I don’t pay for this or that. Like others said I have also chatted with a few women who thought cuckolding it’s about money first and then everything else. The way they think though it’s not far from most women in the cuck lifestyle think. They forget (or just don’t know) how diverse the lifestyle is and they think it’s ALL about them. If it’s not money, they want a man who would be their slave 24/7 more or less. Me, me, me and me…it’s all about her.

    I won’t disagree the lifestyle starts from the woman and she should be the center of attention but most women don’t really care for a cucks feelings, all they want is a man to support them in every way and to have their fun. Again, they are inspired from how things work in the vanilla world and they maximize it when they enter a cuckolding relationship. If a fool pays in a vanilla relationship why not find a sub fool with no opinion in a cuckolding relationship? Just see how 9/10 cucks online present themselves, wimpy guys who think cuckolding equals total submission. I may be a helpless romantic but to be honest I don’t blame these women, I know if I was in their place and knew I could have my way I would try it out of curiosity. How bad can it be for a woman to enjoy hot sex, not working and have all her expenses paid??? It’s not her fault fools exist.

  5. Unfortunately the tip of this iceberg is all it takes to sink a boat. For what kills us, our future, our potential children’s future goes unseen. The problem isn’t these women, the problem is the very mechanism of money itself.

    “The very existence of money is debt. For if there was no debt, there would be no money.” -Peter Joseph

    The caliber of your intelligence I gauge it to be a possibility you’ve already seen all of the zeitgeist movies, and understand the dynamic of modern money mechanics. However if you have not, it is definitely something worth looking into, will shock the fuck out of you.

    Now on to the dating dynamic of your article. Most noble and kind of you to sympathize for these men’s lustful personal choices to go in the direction of gold digger vixens.

    “A fool and his money are easily parted.”

    What you truly seek to make your X rated Walt Disney Fetish Fantasy is a dynamic that is most certainly about 1 in one million. For as the cat string law goes, (The Venusian Artists Handbook) One person is the cat, the other the string. The one who pursues, the string is just out of reach, Essentially you want an alpha male who is cursed/blessed with submissive eroticisms. A perfect balance to keep you interested, yet not instinctively pull away as to the realization of his high survival value and natural instinct to take the world for himself.

    My outlook is this, I’ve never tasted/smelled/seen love, I’ve felt it, sometimes it fell really fucking good, usually short lived, but the pain after effect leaves a mark you remember. Nothing is indefinite, even the sun will eventually explode, so all that remains is optimism and to live one day at a time to the FULLEST! 😉

  6. Money is a bitch! Once again Venus straight to the point. I vehemently instruct My cuck to not spend money on Me because I don’t want him to think I only care about his money or the wicked thought of it being a payoff (time/money); let alone the various “responsibility” that he must monetarily support.
    Bankroll in the “love,trust and connection” of the relationship, that is the investment.

  7. I’ve been on a few sites searching for someone, spoke to a number of ladies over the years, and I’ve not found it hard to weed them out. Most can’t have a normal conversation beyond a few days before letting something slip. I think they deal with so many men they get impatient. I understand your sentiments though. It’s a tough road… finding someone in this lifestyle. 🙂

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