Locked in the cuck closet

“The rest of them I’m assuming don’t exist or are locked firmly in the cuck closet and only they have the key to come out.”


I’ve come to the conclusion that there are exactly 4 cucks in the city I live in – that’s it. The rest of them I’m assuming don’t exist or are locked firmly in the cuck closet and only they have the key to come out.

I’ve spent several months trying to find guys who are into the cuck lifestyle and I’ve had the most success online. Surprisingly cucks are everywhere! Well, everywhere except for Vancouver. I’ve been contacted from all over the world but mainly from the United States, and as you can imagine, the distance can make it really difficult to date someone. Ugh…so frustrating!

Even on Fetlife there are bustling cuck forums in so many cities, and the Vancouver forums…well, it’s like you can hear crickets.

So how come there seems to be so many cucks internationally and so few here in rainy Vancouver? I have yet to figure out the answer to this burning question of mine….

Anyone out there know? I’d love to hear from you – comment away!

Venus xo

12 Replies to “Locked in the cuck closet”

  1. I remember hearing a podcast you were on and you mentioned you’d gone out on a promising date…I take it nothing became of that?

  2. I have the same problem..I am a wannabe single cuckold who is looking a wannabe hotwife for a ltr…Difficult to find one…I wish I lived in Vancouver….

  3. I know exactly how you feel. It seems like there are several cucks here in Calgary, but there are virtually no dominant women or women interested in building a relationship with this sort of dynamic.

  4. Also its not exactly a manly fetish. We are not referred to as studs..If def is looked down upon as weak. Unless you understand this fetish. Its a very mental mindfuck for me anyway.

  5. That’s true. I was referring to single guys who are cucks and are dating. It’s those ones I have had a hard time locating here.

  6. We are here..I think due to a snaller population we tend to hide if you will. Plus we are married.Now I refer to my wife as a ” hotwife” google it..lol. single cuckolds maybe more difficult to find. .There are plenty of men with hotwifes. Which still makes them cuckolds

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