It’s finally here!

So a while back I tried using the Clubhouse app and at first I really loved it. It was cool because I could listen in live on some really interesting panel conversations and I would have stuck with it but it wasn’t very private. Anyone who had my number stored in their phone and had a Clubhouse profile, got a notification when I signed up. That sucked!

So then I heard there was a new (free) app that was going to be launched called The MON App. It’s like Clubhouse, but actually private! And it’s for all things sexuality – yay! You can listen in with your profile showing as a listener or you can use the private mode, whatever you choose, and listen in on whatever topics you feel you might be interested in – it’s a lot of fun!

It is finally launching right now so you can go download it in the App Store. Here is a little bit from their website to explain what they’re all about:

The MŌN App is a live voice-chat audio app that promotes conversation, exploration, and education in a safe and supportive environment. MŌN is a sexuality and gender-inclusive community that does not tolerate harassment, racism, homophobia, bigotry, and discrimination of any kind.

MŌN fosters real conversations and experiences based on user interests and preferences. Explore your sexuality with complete confidence through live drop-in voice chats – no recorded audio!  MŌN is redefining what sexual health and wellness mean through exploration, conversation, and natural curiosity. 

I’ve tried it out and I love it! I’ve created a profile on there and scheduled my first event for Tuesday November 16th at 12pm Central Time. I’m sending this to all of the Venus subscribers because I think you’ll really love it!

Hope to see you there!

Venus xo