I went black… did I go back?

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“I’m going to be absolutely honest here when I say, based on my experiences with black men compared to the white guys I’d been with, black men are exceptional in bed. Their BBC, stamina, dominance, and endurance is perfection for me.”


I’ve always been attracted to black men. There’s something about their beautiful dark skin, the way they speak with smooth confidence, their forward approach to flirting, the way they move, their style…..and of course their reputation in the bedroom, that whips me up into a bit of a frenzy. It was my first cuck boyfriend Ryan who encouraged me to seek out hung black lovers, and that wasn’t very easy considering there are very few black men in Vancouver, but I accepted the challenge and managed to come up with a list of about 10 black men who I felt comfortable with.

I’m going to be absolutely honest here when I say, based on my experiences with black men compared to the white guys I’d been with, black men are exceptional in bed. Their BBC (big black cock), stamina, dominance, and endurance is perfection for me.

One stood out from the rest. I’ll call him Tyson. He’s attractive, kind, educated, and he fucks me like no one else. No one even comes close to fucking me like he does. It’s hard to put it into words but really I just want to share Tyson with all of the other women out there so that they can experience him for themselves. He makes me cum harder and stronger than ever before and he makes me squirt all over his huge black dick. Oh god I can’t even think about it as I’m typing this or I will get too worked up! My pussy literally craves Tyson. I had been totally missing out before him that’s for sure.

So now that I’ve gone black, will I go back to white guys? No. I will have a white cuckold but that’s it. In fact a few months ago I got a Queen of Spades tattoo to symbolize my preference for BBC. I love it.

Venus xo

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  1. It summarises it so perfectly; just what it so special.

    The spectacular black phallus, the big, heaving balls. The dark, strong body with that velvety skin. The movement, the passion, the intensity, the unbelievable power: being able to fulfil and satisfy a woman completely.

  2. For me as a bi cuck, I think it is just the way that a Black Alpha Male just takes control. The day that my wife’s lover told her that he wanted me being a slave to his cock was marvelous!! I had secretly craved to suck it for months, so when she told me that I would make myself available for blowjobs whenever he wanted, I had zero complaints!!

  3. What is it about black men…?

    Is it the cocks – long and hard, strong and deep? Their ebony sheen and thick veiny influence?

    Is it the balls? Large, healthy, full – dangling low, bouncing as he walks? Filled to the brim with sheer conquest?

    Is the body – muscular, ripped, tone, gifted in every way? The black skin, a dark shadow descending over female prey?

    Is it the attitude? The passion? The movement in their hips, the way the long black cock moves in and out of a soft white pussy in time with the beats of sex?

    Or is it the INTENSITY of the sex, the utter ownership that a proper black buck displays over his lover – the deep, honest fucking that white bunnies can receive?

    Or is it…. ALL of this?

    Great article, Venus. Truly inspirational.

  4. One of the hottest experiences of my life was watching my ex Wife in bed with three gorgeous young Black athletes, it was so beautiful !!

  5. Well, I dream of a cuckolding or better wife sharing relationship with a queen of spades, I would love that my future wife bangs only bbc…The only objection I have, is that as a wife sharer I would also need often intercourses with my queen of spades, since I am also a good lover an an Alpha Male….

  6. So Venus…do you still have intercourse with your white cuckold while having a black lover. ??

  7. An exciting post for like minded people. You are lucky you have found Tyson, I believe cuckolding is reaching new heights with a steady man who knows the woman and how to pleasure her.

  8. Venus,

    Reading this made me drool and not from my mouth. I was in a cuckold relation with a very petite asian woman of 5.0. She was very reluctant to try a bbc for reasons i wont explain. Eventually we came across a man who quelled her skepticism. Needless to say I stil get hard just thinking about the few times she spent with him.

    Lovely tatoo


  9. The biggest issue I keep running into when I meet a potential cuckoldress is that they still want to either have sex with me…OR they are open to ANY guy they choose. The Black Cock Only lifestyle is much more rare in my experience.

    Having said that, I’ve dabbled in both worlds (ANY bull vs BBC ONLY cuckolding).
    There is a heightened level of sexuality when being around a woman who consitently reminds you of the fact that she belongs to Black Men. Being teased with big dick white or Latino guys isn’t the same…

    There’s just an indescribable sensation when you can look between “your” woman’s legs and see that she is branded for use by Black Men exclusively… Even if she is your loving wife and partner.

    The complete denial part is what gets most women I’ve talked to put off. But I still stand by the one experience I had with a BBC only woman was better than every previous relationship combined sexually.

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