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“I feel like it only works when you’re in a real committed relationship with someone you love and care about. Sure you can role play cuckolding with someone who you’re not in a relationship with but there’s no meaning behind it. It’s totally not the same.”


I should have written this post a long time ago but here it is now.

Through this blog, Fetlife, and other places, I’ve been contacted by hundreds of cucks for what seems like thousands of questions and it’s nearly always the same questions repeated over and over again. I’ve spent countless hours (feels like hundreds of hours) answering these questions over and over again and quite frankly I don’t feel like fucking doing it anymore. So I’ve written down the most common questions and I will answer them here.

How did you get into cuckolding?

I’ve written on here about how I first learned about cuckolding in my post diving head first into cuckolding

What is it about cuckolding that makes you like it?

I’ve also written a bit about this before but I love it so much because it adds a whole other dimension to a relationship and the bond it creates is absolutely magical and intense. Having said that, I feel like it only works when you’re in a real committed relationship with someone you love and care about. Sure you can role play cuckolding with someone who you’re not in a relationship with but there’s no meaning behind it. It’s totally not the same.

What kinds of things do you make your cuck do?

Some of the answer to this question can be found in my post called the answer the the question all cucks as me. I find each relationship to be different but overall I do like female led relationships with a bit of cuck humiliation. I like male chastity and some aspects of sexual denial, and I obviously love my list of 17 ways to cuck your man and I would do anything from that list.

What do your friends think about you being a cuckoldress?

I’ve found this question to be a bit puzzling. I’m not sure why it keeps coming up over and over again but it seems lots of cucks are curious about this. I surround myself with very open minded friends who believe in different kinds of relationships and aren’t judgmental and they know every detail about my lifestyle. It’s not like they just found out one day and were shocked – they’ve known all along and accept me for who I am.

How public do you want your lifestyle?

I understand that there needs to be some discretion about this kind of thing and my intention is not to publicize my private life to everyone out there but I have no interest in living this lifestyle in the closet in fear of being outed. I am more open about this kind of thing than most cucks are comfortable with, I realize this.

Do you want to marry your cuck?

Yes. Definitely. I’m not interested in casually dating.

Do you want your cuck to participate sexually with you and your bull?

No. I’m greedy like that.

Are you into forced bi or ass play for your cuck?

No not interested in that at all right now.

What was the reaction of the tattoo artist when you got your queen of spades tattoo?

My tattoos were done by an artist who is the ex-boyfriend of one of my girlfriends and no, he isn’t black or white. I casually mentioned what it was about and he didn’t ask a lot of questions about it. I think cucks are hoping for a more interesting story about that. Ha!

How long ago did you get into black guys?

I’ve written a bit about why I like black guys so much, in my post called I went black, did I go back? It was only a few years ago that I really got interested in black men and now they’re all I want.

Why not just date a black guy if that’s what you like so much?

Everyone asks me this and I understand why. It would seem like it would make sense for me to gravitate towards that but really I need both cuckolding and black men in my life to be happy. Without one or the other I would feel unfulfilled and unhappy. Other reasons are that I just cannot do monogamy and I also require my boyfriend to be totally faithful to me.

Do you like BBC bareback and do you want to get pregnant?

I’m very careful with bareback being only for a very select few of my black guys, especially because I’m not on birth control. I don’t love condoms but they are very necessary in this lifestyle. I’m not planning on having any more kids either so although it’s a very hot fantasy of many cucks, it’s not likely going to happen for me.

Is there such a thing as too big?

Uh no. I haven’t met a black guy whose dick was too big for me. I’m very much a size queen. The bigger the better.

How do I find a cuckoldress?

Good luck with that. I’ve never met any other women who are like me so I have no idea where they are. I would think that Fetlife is the best place to look but that’s not all that great because you have limited women to choose from and they are usually far away.

How do I get my girlfriend to start fucking black guys?

Good luck with that too. It’s very unlikely that she happens to be one of the few who are hard wired to be a cuckoldress. She may do it for you but eventually she will lose interest if she’s not a real cuckoldress. I would suggest you introduce her to other women who are into black guys in the hopes that they become friends. That might steer her in that direction.

Well that’s all I can remember from the list right now so that should do! Hopefully that will satisfy your curiosity for a little while…

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  1. I’m new to finding you. I’ve been learning about the details, feelings and psychology of cuckolding for quite a while. Yes, I’m completely enamored too. I was married for 8 years and for about 4.5 of those years was as a cuck. I understand much more now.

    I realize transference is one of the most common occurrences in our lives but I also think it’s one of the primary reason a cuckoldress or hotwife can enjoy her pleasures so much more. A stable cuckold relationship makes it possible, is her anchor, to feel safe in her sexual exploration. I’d like to see an intellectual exploration of these thoughts. What are the ways transference enhance a woman’s assertiveness and comfort seeking pleasure outside her marital life?

  2. After becoming more and more interested in being a cuck, i think this article has made me want it more than ever. Thank you for such a great site!
    i do think the question about “what do your friends think…” comes down to being humiliated to some degree in front of your female friends. It could be light humiliation, by just being around them and knowing that they know the details of your relationship. It could be a bit more, if the Cuckoldress discusses her lovers with her friends while her cuck is present. Or to a much higher degree if the Cuckoldress actively humiliates the cuck verbally, or by making him dress as a french maid and serve her and her friends etc. At least those are the type of things i think about.

  3. First of all I would like to say that the picture of your feet is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!
    As my nickname suggests the bets thing in the world for me is to kiss and leak feet like that in the same time that my cuckoldress rides a bbc…
    So the picture of your feet is a dream, a combination of sexy shoes, wonderful toes with a gorgeous black color and the tattoo of queen of spades along with the Venus name…Yes from there I could clean the cum of the bbc, although I am not a big fan of cleaning..
    As far as the other aspects of the post, I agree in most of them (a cuckold relationship has to be real with marriage and so, discretion is also important, etc.) .
    With others I disagree(I have commented in each and every post), but after this picture of your feet, any disagreement has disappeared, this picture drives me CRAZY, I would be ready to accept anything, in order to be able to adore these feet…
    Oh God I am in love….
    And I thing I have from now on set the standards of the cuckoldress I need….
    Venus you are the DREAM…
    I must inform you that I have plenty of…work to do with this picture….

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