[Guest Post] Dating as a Cuck – Part 2

“But we are no longer cavemen, and in order to be an attractive cuck you must stop thinking with your dick. One main reason, as was stated in the last post, is that as a cuck, your gf or wife simply Does. Not. Care. About your dick.”


Here it is, the sequel to my friend Jay’s post Dating as a Cuck – Part 1. I absolutely love what he’s written, especially the last part about asking yourself that important question…. Enjoy!

Venus xo

Dating as a Cuck – Part 2

In my last post, I discussed the hard truths that one must come to terms with before beginning a relationship with a cuckoldress. If you’ve truly done the proper introspective work and decided that you are prepared, you’ve only begun half the necessary work.

In this post, I will discuss an important next step towards having a successful cuckold relationship. It is the process of dissociating yourself from your penis. This is actually something that all men should work on, but cuckolds especially.

You, the first time cuck, have gone nearly your entire life with the interests of your penis somewhere on your priority list. When you tried to sit next to that pretty girl in class, or when you caught yourself checking out your co-worker with the nice butt, or when you compulsively scrolled through dating apps, your penis was guiding your actions.

Now at a fundamental level, this is only natural. We men are hard wired to mate as often as possible with a wide range of mates. But we are no longer cavemen, and in order to be an attractive cuck you must stop thinking with your dick. One main reason, as was stated in the last post, is that as a cuck, your gf or wife simply Does. Not. Care. About your dick. When she imagines being intimate or romantic with you, your dick never enters her thoughts. She thinks about dicks that are much longer, thicker, last longer, and get harder than yours. But as a cuck your dick never enters your partner’s mind, so don’t let it enter yours either.

The other reason, is that separating yourself from your dick will actually make you a better person. There are numerous studies that demonstrate the positive effects of abstaining from masturbation. These include raised testosterone levels, increased productivity, increased mood, increased levels of motivation. These are things that any man should want! Stopping masturbation will also stop you from watching porn, which is terrible behavior for a cuck and creates an innacurate depiction of the cuckold lifestyle and women in general. So overall, you will become a better person in general.

So how do you do this? Of course its easier to talk about than actually doing it, but there are many methods and tricks to begin separating yourself from your dick. The easiest method is chastity. Talk to your partner about the need for chastity if they have not already. I recommend ordering a custom cage that will fit you properly. A proper fit should feel snug when you’re completely flaccid, you should not be able to achieve an erection of any kind while locked up.

Ceasing masturbation and porn viewing is another method. Porn often triggers masturbation, so abstaining from adult websites can immensely improve your ability to separate yourself from your dick. The last method, is pure willpower. Really think about how badly you want to be a cuck, and how great your life will be improved with a cuckoldress in it. Think about that every time you get the urge to touch yourself.

This is one of the most fundamental steps to becoming a true cuck, and there’s an easy test to give yourself to figure out if you’re closer to becoming that ideal cuck. When you think about cuckolding, do you become aroused and get the urge to touch yourself? Or do you get a rush of warm emotions, and think about sharing a special powerful bond with your loved one? Be honest with yourself, and do the proper work to become a better boyfriend, cuck, and overall person.


3 Replies to “[Guest Post] Dating as a Cuck – Part 2”

  1. A cuckold has to think about his dick. Cuckolding is a sexual aspect of a relationship. A man can’t just forget about his pleasure.

  2. I disagree with Jay…Everything depends on the type of relationship and the type of cuckold…I as a wife-sharer I think is both about my dick and her cunt, both about my mind and her mind…And yes my dick is also hard and has a strong erection and yes I can last for hours and I can be the best lover that she would ever can have, I am a strong personality, but the thing is I recognize her need for multiple lovers while on the other hand I don’t mind be monogamous, so Jay’s article speaks for himself, not all cucks around…

  3. I disagree with Jay. Every couple treats their relationship in a different way. I know women who are in cuckolding relationships and they care about their men. They care a lot and they make sure their husbands get satisfaction from this part of their relationship.

    Also a comment on Jay’s first post. He didn’t mention a common reason it’s hard for men to find women interested in this type of relationship. It’s about money. Many women who may consider a cuck have this in common. They all want the wealthy and successful type of man. They want the provider, the man who will pay for everything but he won’t be touching his woman unless she allows it!!!

    It has gotten boring seeing posts online “here’s my amazon list, spoil me and I MAY talk to you”. There are suckers in this world but don’t think every cuck (or wannabe cuck) is one…

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