Dating as a Cuck – Part 1

You’ve all read about how difficult it’s been for me to find a good cuck boyfriend especially locally, so I decided to get some perspective on dating from a cuck friend of mine about what it’s like to try and find a cuckoldress in the dating world. I figure all of you cucks might enjoy reading about what he’s gone through and maybe relate to his experiences or learn a thing or two as well.

Jay is 27, lives in the Pacific Northwest, and had this to say about dating as a cuck:

“As a 27 year old cuck, attempting to date is a very daunting process. The pool of women who would even consider you is quite small, and if you don’t live in a major city, you might be completely out of luck. There’s an issue with age, as the many women looking for a cuck tend to be older. So if you’re looking for someone younger, or you find someone older and they’re looking for a cuck their age, then things become so much more difficult. You might have to rely on internet dating, and end up finding someone who’s perfect for you but lives hours away or perhaps on the other side of the country. And sometimes when all else fails, you might have to just settle for vanilla dating, and hope the other woman agrees to take on your lifestyle”

“But what if you actually do meet a cuckoldress who’s interested in you and wants to date you? You better truly be a cuck, because if you’re in all of this to satisfy some fetish, it will never ever work out. If arousal is motivating you to date a cuckoldress, you’ll be sadly disappointed. A cuckoldress wants her cuck to be happy and satisfied, but the last thing she could ever care about is your sexual satisfaction. If you actually do end up in a relationship, there’s a good chance she won’t want to have sex with you. There’s also a good chance she will never want to see your cock unless it’s locked up. As someone that has been in a few cuckold relationships, don’t even schedule that first date if you’re not prepared to accept the fact that your cock will be locked up as long as you are in that relationship. You better also try to understand what it’s like to truly be emasculated. She’s going to find men who are more handsome, more muscular, taller, and far more hung than you. They will sexually arouse your girlfriend more than you ever will, and they will give her more pleasure than you ever will. So before you even begin dating, there is a big decision you must make for yourself.”

3 thoughts on “Dating as a Cuck – Part 1”

  1. A cuckoldress is not much different from a Domme. The cuckoldress is most likely dominant and the cuckold is most likely submissive to her. In a D/s relationship, any real Domme cares about her submissive/slave’s sexual satisfaction because it is symbiotic relationship. A Domme needs a sub and can’t be one without the sub. A cuckoldress cannot exist without a cuckold. She would just be a woman having sex with a man.

  2. I totally disagree with Jay when he says the cuckoldress doesn’t care about her cuck’s sexual satisfaction. A cuckold who does not feel sexual satisfaction is merely an employee, not a partner. A cuckold does not enter into this type of relationship without getting some sexual satisfaction out of it. And if she truly cares about him, she would care about his sexual satisfaction

  3. I would have to agree with the first paragraph about finding someone. However, even as an older male myself, it’s not easy. The fact is, women who would be interested in a cuckold relationship are few and far between. Just as you found, so are serious cuckolds that would actually live beyond the fantasy. Whether that is a societal thing, or simply a fact of life, can be debated forever without conclusion.

    In regards to arousal and fetish, well that is simply the fantasy of it. I would have not placed so much focus upon that as your friend did. Of course, I only see what you posted and there may have been more.

    The real relationship is outside the bedroom, outside the cuckold realm. I often read blogs, articles and comments about how such and such person states they are in a “cuckold,” “D/s,” or whatever type relationship, and then go on discussing some issue they are having with their partner that isn’t directly related to said relationship type at all. So many times I’ve posted, “What you are speaking about is a relationship problem and not related to the type of relationship you have at all.”

    In finding someone, you have to have compatibility in all the other relationship dynamics that make for a good, long term relationship. Common interests, common goals in life, willingness to explore new things together, and willingness to share and grow together. You know… the things EVERYONE deals with… lol

    The perfect relationship for me would begin with, “Hey…. we are both interested in this lifestyle so lets not talk about it. Lets move on to the important stuff, start dating, and see if we can actually stand being around one another….”

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