Cuck fear

“Sure people don’t understand cuckolding yet but why can’t we just explain that it’s an open relationship and we are happy and in love and people just need to accept that. Is that really so bad? Is that really so scary? I don’t think so.”


I’ve  been wanting to write about this for quite some time now; cuck fear. It’s real . It’s overwhelming. It paralyzes.

I’ve talked to hundreds of cucks over the past three years and I’ve noticed that the biggest fear most of them have is the risk of anyone find out about their cuck side. Aside from that I’ve noticed that they are also afraid that their wife/girlfriend will fall in love with a bull and leave them. Both of these are legitimate fears and I can totally understand why these would be a major area of concern but when it comes to the need for discretion and privacy, I have a few things to say about that.

I want cucks to stop worrying so much about people finding out. So many of them say they want everything to appear “normal” to everyone else and the cuckolding part be something “behind closed doors”.  When I ask why they all say things like it’s embarrassing for guys to be viewed as a cuck, they think they’ll lose their job or their friends, they will basically  lose respect from people who they care about. I totally get it – no one wants to go through that however I think the reality is actually much different from the fear.

I don’t necessarily want people to know everything about my personal life but I don’t want to live in fear of people finding out about who I am and I do not want to feel ashamed about who I am and my relationship dynamic. I am proud of who I am, how I’ve grown, how I know what I want, and most of all I’m passionate about cuckolding relationships. I’ve lived it and experienced it for the beautiful, incredible, and magical love that it is. Why would I be ashamed of that?

Sure guys might feel embarrassed about it and they tell me it’s different for guys because they face more backlash from people because guys are supposed to be the opposite of a cuckold – that’s society’s expectation of them. Yeah I understand that but really I think women get the brunt of the judgment from ignorant people. Slut shaming is everywhere and it’s relentless.  For a lot of women there’s nothing worse than being regarded as a slut or a whore.

What lots of cucks don’t realize is that open relationships are “out there” and accepted more than ever right now. Whether it be couples who swing, polyamorous couples, or one sided open relationships like cuckolding, people are way more open about it now than ever  before.  Just go on Tinder and see how many people are open about it on their profiles. Happy couples being open about who they are and it’s all okay – it’s a beautiful thing. Sure people don’t understand cuckolding yet but why can’t we just explain that it’s an open relationship and we are happy and in love and people just need to accept that. Is that really so bad? Is that really so scary? I don’t think so.

I think by hiding in the cuck closet with the door firmly locked, we are making things worse. My hope is that people learn more about this relationship dynamic and ultimately understand it better and perhaps society will one day accept it as something that certainly is “outside of the box” but still a legitimately loving relationship where both people are happy and fulfilled.

What really  needs to happen is cucks needs to take some risks and just be proud of who they are. Baby steps and we will get there…

Venus xo

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13 Replies to “Cuck fear”

  1. Cuck Fear is definitely real based off my conversations with other cucks. For me, I just don’t want my family and friends to know but love her few best friends knowing because she knows they will keep it quiet. They even help when she goes out or sets them up with their boyfriends friends. Recently, she told her mother about it. She and her have a really close relationship and her mother is the only one who knows in her family and likely going to be the only one.

  2. Perhaps a lot of the people commenting here are more into a humiliation risk fetish than actually cuckolding? The idea of cuckolding is exciting because in society today it would be humiliating for a man to be cuckolded because he “should be able to satisfy his woman.” But there have been a few to say they wouldn’t actually do it if it were mainstream.
    If it were mainstream and acceptable as say, interracial relationships (to give an example of something that wasn’t and now is acceptable) a true cuckold would be jumping at the bit to enter this type of relationship.
    They would be submissive and let their woman lead. Their humiliation wouldn’t matter as it is the woman’s needs and desires that come first, which is the heart of being a cuckold. She gets fucked by who she wants while the man serves.

    I am fine with my wife telling people whatever she wants. She is embarrassed, as it was mentioned, and doesn’t want anyone to find out due to “women are sluts who sleep with more than one man.” I’ve tried to convert her to my thinking where “sex is sex, its just bodies” and she’s slowly coming around to it but still doesn’t want it to be widely known. However she has danced, and recently kissed, her boyfriend in front of her mom so she’s becoming more and more comfortable.

    I’ve never really had cuck fear as I never expected to get this far into being cuckolded. I’m just happy we are where we are and am enjoying every aspect of it.

  3. I would be extremely proud to be a cuckold but I agree with Tom and VWM . For me is my dream but it is enough for my cuckoldress to know how proud I would be to wear the cuckold horns..

  4. You have a point Venus but I agree with Tom’s reply. I like being different and not just another guy in the mass. The naughtiness and the taboo aspect turns me on. For me cuckolding, if I could experience it, it would be a part of my life, not my life. I want it so much I believe it would be a big part of my life but I don’t want anything to define me and in our society when you are different you are defined by that. How many times people talk about an immigrant and they mention him by his nationality and not his name? Same with gay people, etc. I don’t want others to talk about me and refer to me as the cuck just because I do that too. And yes I would be embarrassed for non lifestyle people to know. Why I should explain anyway, most (if not all) would not understand.

    I’m not on a mission either to spread cuckolding, that’s not me. On the contrary, if cuckolding became mainstream chances are I wouldn’t like it so much. It’s very hard to “fix” society between all the different beliefs we all have. In 2018 people still believe in God and they kill for religion so I rest my case. I would have no problem to socialize with people in the lifestyle, curious or experienced. I would like that a lot but knowing these people won’t judge me, it would allow me to focus on the important stuff and I won’t have to explain myself. I can’t stress enough how against I am about explaining myself, cuckolding for me is supposed to be fun, something that makes me feel alive and helps me escape the everyday routine. I have no time to waste explaining to others, people who I’m sure the big majority would disapprove and laugh with it.

  5. I can see your point – life would be easier if we all walked around with badges indicating our current mood and real-time sexual preferences!

    But here is a point: being a cuck is exciting and interesting to me because it breaks a taboo. Some secrecy is part of the deal. Its not allowed. Its naughty. Its about power exchange, about being vulnerable and is distinct from the rest of my life where being vulnerable won’t get the job done.

    The fear and shame of giving way to a younger, more virile, better equipped rival is a release, a huge turn-on. Mainstream this, legitimize or normalize it somehow, tame the fear of watching another man with his hand on my wife’s thigh in the bar and wondering if the barman has noticed what’s going on, and you sanitize the experience. Remove the fear and the risks relating to the vulnerability, and being a cuckold might lose its allure.

  6. It’s really sad that way some people are. I try to keep in mind that a HELL of a lot of people really want the hotwife/cuckold lifestyle but are just too scared to do it. Some of those people who know about you, very well may privately envy you, or envy the lifestyle.

  7. Let’s approach it at this angle… Ok All fears and inhibitions aside, good example would be say one of my gay uncles. He’s hilarious, he’s always been a great uncle. Every time I’m in Chicago, I visit, stay a few days, he plays the mvmnt 3 moonlight sonata like a virtuoso, has a great townhouse in downtown, we go out to dinner have a great time yada yada…

    Him and his boyfriend… I don’t wanna know, they don’t talk about it, they never ask about me, I brought a girlfriend once they were civil, but we didn’t exactly get into conversation about the dynamic of their relationship vise versa 😀

    You don’t need to convert anybody Venus, just move to any major city in the US and you’ll be in a 10 to 1 ratio <3

  8. I think for myself, it is/ was a fear of people knowing i’m sexually incapable of being able to satisfy a woman with penetrative sex, be it my current wife or my two ex’s. My ex wife during an ugly divorce made a point of letting the world know (friends and family) I was a very submissive bi cuckold, that I couldn’t sexually satisfy her, that I masturbated excessively, sometimes wore lingerie, that I have a small/ thin cock, have always suffered with premature ejaculation and had to always wear extra small condoms because of it. These friends 15 years on still know those bits about me, although never mentioned since, I wish they didn’t, but can’t change it.

    If they hadn’t been told, i’d probably had told people, we were swingers, or ‘manogamish’ but never got that chance.

  9. You are a lucky man indeed!! I am actively seeking a new woman to marry specifically to be her cuck, I greatly miss living the cuck life.

  10. Thanks for this. I will share this with my wife. I am her cuckold, although maybe not in the truest form or to the letter of cuckolding, however, I encourage her to have as many or as few lovers, studs, bulls, whatever term is proper, as she would like. I enjoy seeing her pleased/pleasured and am quite happy and content to serve her any way she desires. I have made every effort to do as many of the mundane chores as I can, get her what she wants when she wants it, and generally “spoil” her as best I can. I am extremely proud to be her “number one” out of the bedroom, and even prouder still to be her “number two “ inside the bedroom, and although I don’t want to publicly declare I am her cuckold to everyone, I do want to be able to share who I am with those that I want to. My trouble is like you state about women with the slut shaming, my wife wishes to keep this between just the two of us and wants no one to know except for her lover. We will get there eventually, and possibly not, but I am who I am and not the least bit ashamed. I want only what my wife wants when it comes to our sexual lifestyle. Thank you for this great post.

  11. Scared the hell out of me when I first got cucked, but as she told more of her friends, and as her lovers told more of their friends, it was actually really cool, I was gifted plenty of new lingerie, got hooked up with some great cocks, and my wife at the time eve3n allowed me to clean creampie from one of her female lovers and her bull!!

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