Cuck etiquette

“Spell correctly and use proper grammar. If you send me something like “Your such  a beautiful women” I’m going to assume you didn’t finish high school. Go read some books or something.”


Here are a few little tips and wise words of advice for you to learn how to approach me and how to behave around me. I say ‘me’ because I have no idea what other single cuckoldresses want or prefer so for now, this really is just about me. Of course this is a continuation to my expectations in How to catch a Goddess so definitely take notes on that one too.

  1. I need to be attracted to the person I want to spend the rest of my life with so please at least attach a photo or description of yourself when you introduce yourself. I also need to know a little about you and not just that you’re into cuckolding – you know…normal stuff you’d want someone to know about you.
  2. If for whatever reason I decide to politely tell you I’m not interested in you (or I’ve repeatedly ignored you) please do not respond with a multitude of questions asking me why and get offended or start arguing with me. This is just going to piss me off.
  3. I’m not your jerk-off material. Do not get so whipped up into a frenzy with all of the cuckolding chat that you forget about the relationship part. This happens all too often. Do not ask me for pictures and videos. I used to share them but I have since learned that it’s not helpful to try to build relationships when guys just depend on me for it every day.
  4. Don’t make bullshit promises. Do not tell me that you’re willing to move to Canada if you haven’t even looked into the process. It’s not easy at all and you should know that already.
  5. Don’t start off by asking if you can watch me fuck a black guy or if you can do clean up afterwards. Really I can’t believe how many guys say this to me right off the bat. If that’s one of the first things you say to me then I will tell you to fuck off. It’s an actual relationship I’m after, not just fulfilling some sort of cuckold fantasy.
  6. Spell correctly and use proper grammar. If you send me something like “Your such  a beautiful women” I’m going to assume you didn’t finish high school. Go read some books or something.
  7. Telling me that you want to buy me lingerie so that I can wear it for black guys is not going to get me excited. While I appreciate the offer (and I have received a shit load of offers), this is not so much a gift for me as it is a gift for yourself so you can jerk off to the thought of it. How about you find out what it is that I truly need or want and do it just because you want to make me happy?
  8. DO NOT SEND ME YOUR UGLY WHITE DICK PICS – fucking gross. I shouldn’t even need to say this.
  9. Just be yourself. You don’t need to lie about your situation or your identity. This kind of relationship is hugely built on trust and lying to me, even about something small, right in the beginning is not going to sit well with me. If you’re worried about discretion that’s fine, I understand that, but you need to trust me for me to trust you. If you’re married or in a relationship then tell me – don’t make up bullshit stories.
  10. Be prepared to do your homework, talk on the phone, and meet in person. I’m not interested in pen pals or endless texting so if it seems like things are not moving forward then I’m not going to continue chatting forever.  Also, I’ve made a point of trying to list my answers to a lot of your questions here on my blog so that I don’t have to spend hours and hours answering them over and over individually so please do your homework and read up before asking me. In my post Everything else you’ve wanted to know I’ve answered the following questions:

What do your friends think about you being a cuckoldress?
What kinds of things do you make your cuck do?
What is it about cuckolding that makes you like it?
How did you get into cuckolding?
How public do you want your lifestyle?
Do you want to marry your cuck?
Do you want your cuck to participate sexually with you and your bull?
Are you into forced bi or ass play for your cuck?
What was the reaction of the tattoo artist when you got your queen of spades tattoo?
How long ago did you get into black guys?
Why not just date a black guy if that’s what you like so much?
Do you like BBC bareback and do you want to get pregnant?
Is there such a thing as too big?

Venus xo

10 Replies to “Cuck etiquette”

  1. do colored cucks have any chance with you? Love your posts but all i see is white and black what about other races?

  2. Even though we view a cuckolding relationship differently I agree with most of what you mentioned. People (both men and women) need to be themselves when they approach others online, too many live in pornland and forget that sex is one of the many parts of life.

  3. I think the article would have been more epic had you just posted the ass crack middle finger net suit pic and said nothing. That would have sent a message rofl!

  4. Strange questions to ask someone when trying to start a relationship. My questions/discussions would be normal everyday things trying to get to know the individual. I can’t imagine asking my date, “So, what’s your favorite position?” while in the “getting to know you” stage.. lol

  5. Excellent written Venus!!!

    I haven’t had the privilege to chat with you or to dream for the impossible, a ltr with you, for the simple reason that I identify myself as a ‘stag’ rather than a cuckold and moreover due to the fact that I have a good job, that I couldn’t afford to abandon, in order to move to Canada, something that it is also a utopia. I contacted few years ago Mrs. David Cohen, an immigration attorney, in order to come and work there and it was then that I realized how difficult that would be, although I have relatives in Canada and I am very qualified with MBA degree etc. There are huge problems I have had to overcome and finally I would probably end up with a less paid job, than the one I have already got.

    That’s so sad tough, because I think we have a great compatibility, I would say 70%, that;s so sad 🙁

    As far as your experience with several cuckolds is concerned, I think the reason for all this is that most cuckolds out there are sex driven than relationship driven. For me to have a hotwife is not a sex fantasy but an intellectual outlook of life and a belief this is the natural life order…

    The How to catch a goddess section is about any women not only cuckoldresses, it’s how every men should treat women in every vanilla relationship as well.

    Anyway the worst is that Venus is one of a kind, one of a kind

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