Converting those vanilla boys

I’ve heard stories from cucks who have tried to bring their girlfriends or just women in general, into this lifestyle and they’ve all been largely unsuccessful. Many women just don’t grasp the concept or judge it harshly, or if they do try it they are likely just doing it for him and not because it’s part of who they are. For me, this lifestyle is who I am and I do it for me. That’s what I think the difference is between a successful cuck relationship and one that is not. That just my theory anyways, I know many people will disagree. 

But what would it be like for me to try to bring a “vanilla” guy into this? For a long time I just assumed it would never work so I’ve never tried. But recently I figured I might as well try it since I live in a seemingly cuckless city. So off to Tinder I went to try to seduce some vanilla boys and my oh my…was I in for a surprise! 

My first profile attempt was quite boring. I didn’t reference anything about cuckolding, just a little blurb about me being non-monogamous. I didn’t really have my hopes up that I would actually find anything on that shitty dating app. 

I matched with a guy and we started talking. He asked me what I want and I said I want you to be faithful and I want to sleep with lots of black guys and I want to be in charge in the bedroom. Surprisingly he said he liked that idea so we gave it a try. 

He lives in a different city anyways but is moving to Vancouver so for now things would be by distance. He mentioned he didn’t want to know about my experiences with black guys though and I was like whatever that’s fine for now. Then after a few weeks he asked me about the last time I fucked a black guy. I was surprised that he wanted to hear the details as I hadn’t mentioned anything about cuckolding. So I told him all about the two black guys I fucked the day before. He loved it. Then he asked if he could watch sometime. I was like WTF really??!! Hell yes! 

I was just amazed that without much influence from me, he was embracing the cuck role on his own and loving every minute of it. Could it really be this easy?

So that got me wondering and I decided to do a little more experimenting with Tinder. It was time to make another profile. 

My next profile is a veiled face pic and a pic of my queen of spades tattoo on my ankle, as well as the following text:

“I know exactly what I want and it’s probably not going to be you” #femdom #cucklife “if interested swipe up”

So nothing too scary – I don’t think anyways – but just enough to give some obvious hints as to what I’m looking for. I figured if they swipe up for a super like then I know they’ve at least read my profile and can follow instructions. 

Well it didn’t take long for my phone to light up with notifications. I couldn’t believe how many guys were genuinely interested and wanted to know more. 

Maybe this cuck wasteland I live in wasn’t actually a wasteland? Maybe my theory has been correct and they indeed are locked in the cuck closet and the closet is tinder! 

So now I have more (potential) cucks lined up than I have time to actually meet. Interesting spot to be in. Who knows if any of them will turn out to be what I want and if there is some sort of off the charts chemistry, and who knows how many of them like the idea of it but can’t do it for real, I don’t know, but it’s a start anyways. 
Venus xo

15 thoughts on “Converting those vanilla boys”

  1. Well for one thing you allowed his comment rather just immediately removing it with administrative power, shows to me someone with confidence and solidity! Secondly, your driving 176 Google Referrals/monthly according to SEMrush with merely words and a cpl fucking amazing pics.

    You are aeons beyond what 95% of these poor ladies stuck in a destitute situation with Iwantclips or Clips4sale is doing for themselves in regard to dominating keywords. I know a catfish when I see one, I’m a savant of social engineering and a web developer so I guess what I mean to say is “Fuck the haters!” :p

  2. Well the male side of Tinder may be a seemingly neverending lush metropolis full of potential but even on a vanilla plain its a bunch of webcam girl traffic driving ambushes and cat fishing lameness.

    I agree with your statement on women participents being brought into that world though Venus, the women Ive attempted to bring into this lifestyle 1 was a merely faking for my benefit, and when she finally did meet some black lover, ran off with him and didn’t torture and humiliate me 1st. So my exploration into this porn induced eroticism has been limited essentially to a few chance encounters of it, but the second they thought I was enjoying what they were doing it took the fun out of it for them? Lame! 😀

  3. That’s the first time I’ve been accused of being a fake! Funny because of how many fake cucks there are out there. I don’t blame you for being skeptical though. There’s a lot of fake shit out there.

  4. This sounds really fake. Like the type of story a guy with a cuck fetish would write.

  5. I think you should make your Tinder profile say, “Take me out on a romantic date – NO SEX!” Use a cute selfie with some cleavage. When you find a guy you like set up the date but make sure you’re calling all of the shots. Be bossy but not mean. Tell him where you want to go and what you want to do. Make it clear that this is only a date and that sex if off the table. If he doesn’t protest then he is probably the submissive kind of guy you’re looking for. If the date goes well and you want to take it further then end the date with a passionate kiss and offer to let him take you out again. At the end of the second date invite him back to your place. Remind him that there will still be no sex but offer to let him eat your pussy. If he gladly accepts the offer then get naked, lie back on your couch and let him go to town. After several minutes of him eating you out put your hands on the head and gently raise your hips while you hold his head down and tell him to lick your ass. If he doesn’t require any convincing and fully buries his tongue in there I think there is a good chance he would be open to the idea of a cuckold relationship. After he is finished get dressed and show him to the door. Tell him you really like him but that you’re not looking for a normal relationship. Then explain to him what kind of a relationship you want and that you only want sex with black men and that you want him to remain faithful. Tell him that’s what your QOS tattoos are about. Don’t go into full detail about the ways that you want to humiliate and emasculate him but let him know that you want a passionate, loving, long term relationship. Assure him that you really do like him and want this to work. Let him know that you understand he might be scared of this idea but this is really what you want and even if that’s not what he is looking for that you would like to continue to see him. If he says he isn’t sure tell him to take time to think about it and tell him to stay in touch. After he leaves send him a pic or two of you with a BBC. If all goes well it won’t take long for him to be curious to give the relationship a try.

  6. I think in terms of bdsm all people have both sides, I think cuckoldry contains all aspects of bdsm…I like to think myself as a master who directs his woman with black guys(and then punish her for her adultery that is ordered by me hehehe)but that wouldn’t stop me of cleaning her up, even from big loads, even by multiple bbcs…I would clean her with pride…
    It is very hard for genuine cuckolds to find a true cuckoldress and it is even harder for Alpha-Male cuckolds to find the real one…Oh how much I would worship the pussy that would cuckold me…

  7. “…if they do try it they are likely just doing it for him and not because it’s part of who they are. For me, this lifestyle is who I am and I do it for me. That’s what I think the difference is between a successful cuck relationship and one that is not.”

    Totally agree there. Talking about converting I have tried to convert vanilla girlfriends and have been successful once. It’s just not the same at all and that’s why true cuckoldresses are a rare breed… I think trying to convert a vanilla guy is just the same.

  8. Actually some of us are anxiously waiting for the moment where we will show our SO our love & devotion by cleaning her.
    At least I do…:)

  9. I agree that both partners should want this otherwise 99% it won’t work. Sure sometimes women try it and get into it (especially with black guys), but usually a couples relationship will struggle after a while.

    As far as “vanilla” I don’t consider vanilla men who have the fantasy but no experience. On the contrary, these men have probably searched every site they could find and they have probably chatted with experienced people online. They have a pretty good idea of the situation they are getting into and what to expect, they just need to experience it and be sure it is really for them.

    Women like you are far less than men who want this so I believe at some point you’ll find the man you are looking for. For men, it’s much harder…

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