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“I’m an outspoken advocate for real, loving cuckolding relationships. Five years ago I had no idea it existed and I’m sure there are other women out there today who don’t either and when you find something so life changing, you just want to share it with others. That’s what motivates me to write about my story and experiences and speak about my love and passion for these kinds of incredible relationships.”


The Venus Cuckoldress Blog was launched in 2015 and features Venus’s stories and experiences of dating, cuckolding, and becoming a Queen of Spades. In early 2020 the Venus Cuckoldress Podcast was added with topics including the real meaning of cuckolding relationships, the story of how it all began for her, her preference for black bulls, what makes a great bull, the art of the cuck tease, and the challenges that come along with the growing popularity of cuckolding.

“Recently I have created a Patreon for people who want to support the blog and with that friend support comes perks like access to my private NSFW photos, audio, video, etc.  https://venuscuckoldress.com/the-venus-vault/ . I recognize that my personal photos and videos are incredibly hot and I don’t mind sharing them with people who support the blog/podcast and therefore enable me to continue to work to educate people and celebrate this lifestyle that I’m so passionate about.”

Venus xo

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Location: Canada


In addition to what I’ve already written on my blog, I’ve also contributed to various podcasts and online magazines:

The Savage Lovecast with Dan Savage https://www.savagelovecast.com/episodes/722#.X1Gl63lKiM8

The Goddess Worshipper Interview: https://goddessworshipping.blogspot.com/2020/04/exclusive-interview-with-venus.html