Checking in – from fans to stalkers

“I’ve missed writing and I wanted to talk a little about what the past few weeks have been like.  Let me tell you it’s been “interesting” to say the least.”


To answer the obvious questions: yes I’m writing here, and no I haven’t returned to the cuck lifestyle.  I’ve missed writing and I wanted to talk a little about what the past few weeks have been like.  Let me tell you it’s been “interesting” to say the least.

First I want to say a very sincere thank you to the many people who sent me messages of encouragement, understanding, and support. I wasn’t able to respond to most of them however I want you to know that I really appreciated what you had to say and it meant a lot to me.

Unfortunately I’ve also been dealing with an anonymous harassing/stalker type lately….sigh. At first I thought maybe this person was a little intelligent by the way he sent me a fake email which was fishing for my personal information (he was successful in getting my google number) but after that the smarts ended and the stupid became obvious. Since then he has texted me trying to pretend he is someone I met last summer. I smelled bullshit right away, laughed at him, and promptly told him to go fuck himself. Then the fucktard called me while trying to fake a woman’s voice and accuse me of trying to steal “her” husband. This last one was especially hilarious and I nearly died laughing before hanging up. I have no idea why this person is trying all of this but if this fucking loser thinks I’m afraid of being exposed or something….little does he know…..haha!!

Another peculiar thing that has happened recently is the interest from some of my black guys. Once they heard  I’ve given up on finding a cuck, some have told me they want to actually date me. I’m not sure that’s a road I want to go down right now but it’s interesting nonetheless.

So while I may not be writing about cuckolding as much as I did in the past, one of my friends said to me today I can always write about my Queen of Spades adventures because that always continues for me. Although the past month I’ve been very busy with work, BBC, and preparing for an upcoming move, I’m also planning on getting a much needed touch up done on one of my QoS tattoos so I will post another update when I can.


Venus xo

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  1. Sorry to hear your dealing with the unavoidable B.S. that inevitably comes from 100% all potential dating/lifestyle branching out in online communities. My experience with online dating has been almost entirely 100% lame AF. Your article where you talked about conversion of a current relationship from the female perspective was of benefit to me.

    Sure it didn’t exactly pave the way in how I would approach the conversion process, but it did solidify the fact that meeting a girl inside of this swinger type demo graph is pretty much an impossibility. Not that I’m threatened or intimidated by any of the competition that I’m up against, but rather I believe taking a girl I am already comfortable with, and enjoy their personality whom I’ve met personally and finesse my curiosities to be the way to go.

    So for that I thank you. But yeah, you most certainly wont meet your “white boi” soulmate anywhere but in the real world. If you’re not into the porn for inspiration and ideas for experimentation, there isn’t any gold to be mined in this internet world. You pretty much are the one and only genuine source of insight, at least that i’ve found 😉

  2. Nice to have you back…
    Nothing can beat stupidity I am afraid….
    A long term relationship is very difficult, no matter what kind of relationship it is: A cuck one, a vanilla one or a bbc dating..
    Wish you luck with that anyway..

  3. It’s good to see you post something. Sounds like the stalker is a bit tiresome though. The price of fame. smh.
    I do wonder why you find it peculiar some of your men want to date you. Perhaps you can write about that 🙂
    Write about everything and anything that comes across your mind. That’s what blogs are for. I’m sure people would enjoy it.

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