It’s been a little while now that I’ve been navigating the world of dating and looking for my future cuck husband. It’s been less than fun. In fact it’s been a fucking disaster most times, to be honest. 

I’ve written on here before about how so many cucks are stuck in the closet, this continues to be the case. I get it – it’s all hot fantasy until it becomes real. Then it’s fucking scary for you cucks and you flake out. I understand. 

But what really pisses me off is how many times I get pursued by guys who are fucking married! Of course they don’t advertise the fact that they are married or are in a committed relationship…they are all pretending to be single. Lying, cheating assholes and a complete waste of my time. 

This hasn’t happened to me once, twice, or even three times. No it’s actually happened at least 10 times. This is a fucking epidemic in this lifestyle and it’s really despicable. This isn’t fair to your wife or to me, and truly I feel sorry for you that you are stuck in a vanilla relationship with someone who won’t support your needs but really you have got to stop continuing to live a lie.

Finding love is hard enough, aligning your kinks is even harder, so guys please stop this shitty behavior. 

5 thoughts on “Cheaters”

  1. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. Honesty is such an integral part of relationships, especially in this kind of relationship. Once that trust is broken it’s gone. I hope you are able to move on and find someone else and most importantly to trust again.

  2. Akwardly I had a very similar opposite experience myself. It was the girl that was cheating on! How this is even possible I didn’t even know but apparently even though we had a connection for quite awhile she selfishly kept me in the dark for several days and even in knowing I gained arousal from her infidelity hid it from me just because she knew it would hurt me.

    Kinda fucked up my head (more than it already is rofl!) It’s like I feel 4 years have been wasted because of her dishonesty, and she was the only one I’be ever met that I was able to explore this eroticism who genuinely got off on it rofl!

  3. Sorry to hear that you keep having the same experiences with the unfaithful types, but there is unfortunately a huge imbalance in supply/demand in the cuckold lifestyle. I wish that more men would have the confidence to bring up their wishes with their wives/gfs and that more women would be willing to accommodate those desires. Discussing non-monogamy can be tricky but I think it would be a good conversation for many couple to have, even if they ultimately decide not to pursue that type of relationship. I think many would be cucks are basically looking for some fantasy or roleplay anyhow, and it would help to balance things out a bit if those folks got an outlet and left those more committed to the lifestyle alone

  4. Relationships are very difficult to be successful, I suppose cuckold relationships are even more difficult, especially for single wannabe cuckolds and single wannabe hotwives, allthough I think there is a huge offer of cuckolds and a huge demand for hotwives..
    For me, who thinks that a wife sharing relationship is the natural way of thinks and the only way for a relationship to be successful..I believe cuckold LTR are the definition of….vanillia, the most normal thing in the world…

  5. It sounds like you are just coming off of one of those experiences. I’m sorry you are going through these types of relationships or meeting people like this. You are definitely meeting people who are unhappy and don’t know who they are. Either that, or grown unhappy in their relationship and to scared to take inventory and move on before involving someone else. Usually, these types don’t like being alone. They lack completion in themselves, don’t even like being alone with themselves, and for some reason expect others to like being with them despite that 🙂

    The sad thing is, this is something we all face in the dating world. Which is why taking time to get to know someone is critical. I always watch for signs too. Availability on short notice being one of them. If I’m dating, I tell a woman she can call me any time. Even middle of the night if she wants to show it me, and only me, in my bed.. lol.

    I wish you lived down in my neck of the woods. Ladies here interested in this lifestyle are far and few between. You’d at least meet one that was out of the closet… lol. Granted, I don’t wear a tattoo on my head but I’ve been looking for it for quiet some time.

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