It’s finally here!

So a while back I tried using the Clubhouse app and at first I really loved it. It was cool because I could listen in live on some really interesting panel conversations and I would have stuck with it but it wasn’t very private. Anyone who had my number stored in their phone and had a Clubhouse profile, got a notification when I signed up. That sucked!

So then I heard there was a new (free) app that was going to be launched called The MON App. It’s like Clubhouse, but actually private! And it’s for all things sexuality – yay! You can listen in with your profile showing as a listener or you can use the private mode, whatever you choose, and listen in on whatever topics you feel you might be interested in – it’s a lot of fun!

It is finally launching right now so you can go download it in the App Store. Here is a little bit from their website to explain what they’re all about:

The MŌN App is a live voice-chat audio app that promotes conversation, exploration, and education in a safe and supportive environment. MŌN is a sexuality and gender-inclusive community that does not tolerate harassment, racism, homophobia, bigotry, and discrimination of any kind.

MŌN fosters real conversations and experiences based on user interests and preferences. Explore your sexuality with complete confidence through live drop-in voice chats – no recorded audio!  MŌN is redefining what sexual health and wellness mean through exploration, conversation, and natural curiosity. 

I’ve tried it out and I love it! I’ve created a profile on there and scheduled my first event for Tuesday November 16th at 12pm Central Time. I’m sending this to all of the Venus subscribers because I think you’ll really love it!

Hope to see you there!

Venus xo

New Matchmaking Service for Loving Cuckolding Relationships!

We are so happy to announce that there is FINALLY a matchmaking service for single women and single men who are looking for a loving cuckolding relationship! It’s safe, private, and individualized for what you are looking for. It also includes a 3 week educational program and an interview with Venus and best of all, it’s a one time membership fee so no monthly fees!

Women you no longer have to wade through a see of mostly empty profiles and deal with the online creeps! With Venus Connections you will be safe, protected, and all of the candidates you can be confident are serious and committed to wanting this as much as you do! Women also get a really great discount on membership fees – just email for details.

Men you no longer have to deal with the fake profiles and gold-digger women out there who just want to use you or extort you – not to mention the fake profiles too! You can just sit back and let us do the searching for you!

Learn more at and we would really LOVE it if you could share the news about Venus Connection with others!

Pillow talks with Venus

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What are pillow talks?

During the doom and gloom of the Covid-19 global pandemic I really wanted some way of connecting with others to combat the social isolation so many of us were going through. So I did a little homework and found a way to do CrowdCast events. I can be on video and people can join in by typing in their questions and watching/listening, and also chat with others in the chat box at the same time .

In the spring of 2020 I decided to go for it and it’s been so much more fun than I ever dreamed it would be. It’s given me the opportunity to get to know others in this lifestyle and talk about the things that I’m so passionate about. Most importantly though, it’s been a place to smile, laugh, and just relax together.

Lately I’ve extended some invitations for other women to join me and that’s when the real fun happens. It’s my mission in life to have people understand this relationship dynamic in a way that reflects the beauty and love it has, and I feel that the message about it needs to come from women. Collectively, though pillow talks, blogs, podcasts, and social media accounts, we can amplify our voices and set the message straight – cuckolding is love.

How to register

The pillow talks are open to any of the Patreon tiers of the Venus Cuckoldress Podcast. This step isn’t meant to monetize it, it’s simply been a way for me to minimize the creeps and stalkers that show up when it’s open to everyone. So far, it’s working! You can register for an event anytime and submit questions on the page prior to the event. If you miss the live event you might be able to view it afterwards. Most times I’m able to keep them for viewing after, but sometimes for privacy reasons I need to delete one so try to catch it live if you can.

My CrowdCast channel is here:

Venus xo

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