My Ultimate Cuckolding Fantasies

By Venus Cuckoldress

This post was originally published in ASN Lifestyle Magazine

I’ve written many articles before about cuckolding including the love and connection that comes from cuckolding relationships, the art of the tease, the importance of her confidence, the massive appeal of cuckolding, and the sexually empowered woman who wants it all. But today I’m going to dive into something a little more fun and sexy – my ultimate cuckolding fantasies.

Despite what you may have heard elsewhere, cucks are not weak pathetic doormats. They are loving devoted partners who give the gift of sexual exploration to their partner and in return she involves him in some way – it’s very much a two way street. And with the usual cuck porn script being where the cuck is on all fours with a collar and leash on and being insulted and degraded by the woman posing as his wife, you’d probably assume that my cuck fantasies would mirror something like that. However, that’s not the case. I, like many other women, approach cuckolding fantasies from a place of love, playful teasing, and immense sexual energy shared between both of us. 

Most of my fantasies revolve around incorporating cuckolding into important or significant events. The first cuckolding fantasy I remember having involves a first date. I imagined making plans for a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant, perhaps a walk afterwards, and then inviting him to my apartment afterwards. Little would he know, but a hot hung black guy would be there waiting and my date would then have to watch me get fucked into oblivion…. Ahhh that would be so fun! 

I haven’t done that exact scenario but I did something a bit similar. It was a second date, and we had planned to go to a lounge for drinks that night. He had no idea that I also planned to have someone be there at the same time. We were having a nice time together at the lounge and all of a sudden I excused myself from our table and my date watched me walk up to the bar to talk to this super tall hot black guy (my friend) and proceed to bring him back to our table. We all chatted for a bit and then I turned and said to my date “Oh and by the way, he’s coming back to the hotel with us”. My date had quite a surprised look but also a smile of delight. Eventually I told him that I had orchestrated it all and the entire night turned out to be so much fun.

My biggest fantasy of all however, is to have my first BBC gangbang on my wedding night. This is something I’ve written about before on my blog and talked about on my podcast. Here is an excerpt:

“I see myself on my knees, my ring sparkling on my finger, my hair perfectly styled and my makeup on point, and my pretty white dress contrasting sharply with the smooth beautiful black skin surrounding me… 

They move towards me, and take me – they take what they want and they don’t have to ask. My mascara runs down my cheeks, my blonde hair falls out of place, my dress eventually ends up in a messy pile on the floor. I take all of that big black cock like I’m made for it – because…I am. 

I look over at my husband sitting there, watching me, loving it. I smile at him and say ‘I love you baby’. I am in heaven and he is right there with me.”

Although I haven’t made that fantasy a reality yet, I do know a couple who after saying their vows on their wedding day, snuck off so she could fuck her bull and then raced back to the reception. During the first dance she whispered in his ear “his cum is dripping down my leg”. Oh my gawd that is so HOT! I actually had them on as guests on my show and they went into detail about that story and it was the 2nd most popular episode of 2021! 

Some other fun variations of the wedding night fantasy are having a gangbang on wedding anniversaries, birthdays, or a honeymoon – or even having my partner propose to me as he’s watching me get fucked. All of those would be epic for me! 

Some other things I’ve fantasized a bit about over the years include fucking my husband’s friends. Now I know that sounds like the potential to get complicated but hey, if it was on the table I would have so much fun with it. Sometimes I think the more naughty and taboo something is, the more I gravitate to it. That’s probably why I love cuckolding in the first place haha!

I’m sure I will create some more amazing fantasies throughout my journey in the cuckolding lifestyle – what they will look like, who knows! All I know for sure is that there are so many incredibly sexy fantasies to be had whether it be hotwifing, cuckolding, swinging, or any other form of non-monogamous relationships. Even if you keep those fantasies as pillow talk with your partner or plan for reality with safety and consent built in, either way it’s absolutely going to amplify your sex life to the next level. 

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Explore the many ways to play with cuck angst and cuckolding in a loving relationship. These ideas go all the way from tame to….well…they go all the way there! Whether you’re curious about cuckolding or well experienced, there will be something on this list that will catch your attention for sure.


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Bigger is better

Sexy Stories

“That feeling is overwhelming for me in the best way possible. It makes me gasp, tilt my head back and just completely forget about anything else happening around me – I’m floating in big dick heaven.”


I’m a size queen. I always have been and always will be. I think I’m just made for larger than average dicks. 9″, 10″ and up…bring it. I can take it.

I understand that not all women are like me. Some prefer a smaller size, some are afraid of bigger dicks because they are terrified of stretching out and being labelled as loose. By the way I don’t understand the whole “tight pussy” thing that men pressure women to be. Honestly I feel like that would be something small-dicked white guys came up with… I mean I take offense if some guy says I have a tight pussy. I will be the first to say I fuck guys with big dicks – why the fuck would I want a tight pussy? I want a pussy that is going to warmly welcome that big dick so he can fuck the shit out of me just the way he wants. Trust me girls, guys with big dicks really don’t want some tight pussy they can’t even squeeze into and it takes them 25 minutes just to warm it up.

I had a preference for larger size for as long as I can remember. I love the feeling of being stretched, feeling full, and him bottoming out on my cervix. That feeling is overwhelming for me in the best way possible. It makes me gasp, tilt my head back and just completely forget about anything else happening around me – I’m floating in big dick heaven. I realize for many women that feeling can be uncomfortable, even painful, but not for me. I crave it, need it, and have to have it. Just have a look at some of my photos in the Venus Vault and you will understand what I mean by big!

If a guy is smaller I’m just not going to have the same sensation. It’s going to be boring as fuck so why bother. But of course when it comes to my cuck, his size is less important to me. I will always be more satisfied by bigger guys; he needs to be a pussy eating champion. Trophies all around for him!

So for all of the women out there who obsess about the tight pussy bullshit, fuck that! Come hang out with me and I will have you being a BBC size queen in no time. Trust me, bigger is sooo much better.

Venus xo

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The clean up

Sexy Stories

“In my mind in that moment I’m swept away thinking about what he is doing and I’m so turned on knowing he’s likely overwhelmed with emotion and slightly humiliated while he’s eating my cum filled pussy.”


Nothing is more intimate than the moment he comes over to me, positions his face between my thighs, and cleans up my freshly fucked pussy. Nothing.

I have a hard time explaining exactly what that moment is like…perhaps because it’s so intense and such a swirl of emotions for both of us but it’s hands down my favourite part about cuckolding relationships. It’s the ultimate loving gesture and the ultimate pussy worship and of course I love both of those things.

In my mind in that moment I’m swept away thinking about what he is doing and I’m so turned on knowing he’s likely overwhelmed with emotion and slightly humiliated while he’s eating my cum filled pussy. I think about how I’ve just been fucked by another man and now this man I adore is the one to take it all in with his gentle mouth, breathing, tasting, and feeling like a true cuck.

Sometimes my bull is there in the room, sometimes he’s not, and that doesn’t really matter to me because my cuck is all I’m focused on in that moment – the person I love more than anything. First my pussy gets entirely satisfied and then my heart gets fulfilled – what could possibly be better?? Nothing.

Moments like these are what makes this kind of relationship phenomenal and it’s why I can’t ever go back to anything else. Once you’ve experienced it, it changes you and from that point on, it’s that pinnacle level of trust, love and connection of cuckolding relationships that you seek.

I deeply love cuckolding relationships.

Venus xo

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