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“I believe that either you’re hardwired to be a cuck or not, and if it’s something you just want to try, it’s likely you are just into it for the erotic fantasy; kind of like role-playing a scenario or something like that.”


I’m back after a bit of a break from things and am happy to be writing again here. I lost someone close to me and it has taken a little while to get back on my feet again but I’m pretty much back to my usual self once again. Shit happens in life sometimes!

I’ve thought about a few things the past couple of months while away. One of them being how much I love hearing stories from cucks about that turning point when they first got cucked, or when they first found out that cuckolding was something that turned them on immensely and became a big part of their life. It’s that moment in time that I love to hear them talk about.

I’ve noticed that a common theme is that they were cheated on by their girlfriend when they were younger and at first they didn’t like it but then at some point the feelings of jealousy and insecurity mixed with feeling turned on by it and wanting more. From that point on it was something they struggled to understand why they liked it but there was no denying that they needed it in a relationship.

Most guys I’ve talked to have at that point in their life continued to date vanilla women and hoped that their girlfriend would cheat on them, or some guys were brave enough to outright ask them to. From what I’ve heard most vanilla women say no though.

For my first cuck it was a bit different. He told me that the first time he saw a wife being shared in porn, after that he was hooked on the idea of him being faithful and the woman being a total slut. He also struggled with trying to understand why he wanted that and why he liked that so much but it was definitely something in his life that he wanted and needed to be happy in a relationship.

It’s interesting that for all of them it was an abrupt life changing event and not something that they gradually became interested in. I think that must be why I’m weary of guys who want to date me because they are just curious about cuckolding. I believe that either you’re hardwired to be a cuck or not, and if it’s something you just want to try, it’s likely you are just into it for the erotic fantasy; kind of like role-playing a scenario or something like that.

How did you first know you were meant to be a cuck? Comment below. I’d love to know!

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  1. Mine began with my girlfriend cheating on first I forgave her.2nd time she cheated we broke up but got back together.then she cheated again the 3rd time and came weeping asking for forgiveness which I accepted. But in anger I told her to confess.her confession somehow turned me on but I left it at that. But 4-5 months later she again cheated. That turned me on af and I confessed it to my girlfriend…the rest is history

  2. I was 14 and I every time was looking at a sexy woman I was thinking it would be great to be married to this girl and I was dreaming get back home from work and catch her riding a bbc…I suppose I am a natural cuck…:)

  3. Well I was 14 and I was watching porn, it was a blonde girl who was receiving a DP from two bbc…
    I was so horny as never in my life and I think my dick was harder, longer and thicker as never before…I thought, oh God I want to marry this girl…Since then I can have a good erection only with the thought that I married to a woman who cuckolds me with bbc, while I watch and leak her legs and her ass…

  4. I’m sorry about your loss. I was also a product of a cheating girlfriend, and in my case she also thrust me into the interracial mindset. I still remember exactly what she said when she confessed her cheating to me. She said, “I don’t want to just fuck white guys, I want dark men. I want brown men. I want black men.” I’ve been cucked af ever since.

  5. It was I think a story in a penthouse magazine, a story mainly femdom but a cuck component. I must have been 16 but I still remember it well. It wasn’t until the good old internet that I started to realise what turned me on fully though, and what I fully craved and desired. In real life Ive had a couple of girlfriends cuck me and one who would have if we stayed together. I do think it was more my kink than theres though, I wonder if I will ever find a woman who I can love and loves me but also is into cuckolding, well preferably more than I am. Sigh who knows one can dream, and wank over goddesses like you. Sorry about your loss but glad your back. What I wouldn’t give to have a chance with someone like you. xx

  6. My ex and I broke up and a few months later talked about getting back together. Eventually she told me about a few guys she fucked while we were seperated. I was extremely turned on and luckily 10 years later i found a partner that lets me be a cuck.

  7. For me (cuck) I think its a natural inclination which has always been in me since I was little. I do remember a couple of events which clearly revealed this feeling in me waaay before I knew what a cuck was.

    I was about 10 to 12 years old when my mum was taking me to school going through this French city neighbourhood where many blacks and North African lived. I remember each time we walk through there they always talk to her and make sexual comments which got me insanely aroused and I didn’t understand why.

    One day one of them said ‘hey you white slut next time put on something more revealing for the boys to see’. And the next time she did just that! To this day I really don’t know if it was coincidental or if she played along but she put on a mini skirt which as soon as I saw my heart nearly stopped! Obviously we walked through them again and she got double amount of whistles and comments and she just said “silly boys”.

    The other episode was when i watched a porn for the first time aged probably 16/17. There was this girl who was taking three guys at the same time, my two friends went ‘I wish I was one of them’ and my instant reaction which I didn’t say outloud was ‘I wish she was my girlfriend!’.

    I don’t see these first events (there were others later on) as what planted the cuck seed in me. I think I’ve always been wired this way and they’ve just revealed these things to me.

  8. Not sure when I first encountered these feelings of desiring and enjoying to be cucked. It certainly occurred with my first wife who was cold and sexually repressed with me but turned out to be a slut. Knowing how uninterested in sex she was with me made me imagine her with other men. The thought of it excited me. As a result i sought out porn and stories that had cuckolding theme. We split up and since then I have had relationships with 2 cuckoldresses. It is so hard to describe the excitement I have when I watch, listen, or am told of an experience my cuckoldress has had. Each event is unique and exciting in a novel way. I feel as if each experience has its own nuances and over time has revealed desires that I never imagined being a part of my sexuality.

  9. I’m sorry for your loss.
    Also glad to see you back writing. I’ve enjoyed your blog since I’ve found it.

    My involvement in cuckolding began when coming home to a girlfriend having sex with a bull. I was pissed…but frankly told to either stay and shut up or leave. I chose to leave. We did end up talking about it and I did end up breaking up with her. However, some things she said stuck in my head. It’s not that she didn’t care for me, enjoy spending time with me, she simply enjoyed what the bull could do for her. Stuff I apparently couldn’t.

    Thus, my road started. Yes, it was an abrupt event but it did take time, gradually, to come to a full understanding and acceptance. Essentially, the explanation for me boiled down to this: If I love someone, they love me, and they need that something extra to satisfy their desires, then why would I want to stand in the way if I really cared for them. Does it turn me on now? Yes, but that is not the prime motivator. It’s more a by-product of knowing they are being pleased.

  10. I haven’t been cuckolded but I have done my soul searching, I have read a lot and I have chatted a lot with various people into it. 99%I know it’s the right path for me and I’m always hoping. The moment I realized it’s what I truly need is when I understood the mental aspect of it and how exciting are the dynamics in a cuckolding relationship. Most people focus on the physical part but cuckolding starts and ends inside the mind.

  11. My experience was completely different. When i was in High school, I was a third wheel with two friends (one a very good female friend) who started kissing and fondling each other, while we watched a movie. They eventually moved to a bedroom, but I could still hear them. I was aroused and long story short, I realized how exciting it was to see (or in this case hear) someone I cared for getting such pleasure and I was hooked on this time or relationship.

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