The ultimate wedding gift

Venus is joined by Jack and Kissy as they tell their story of how they found themselves in a loving cuckolding relationship and detail their exhilarating stories of experiences they’ve shared. From the stumbling blocks along the way and their hits and misses with bulls, Jack and Kissy give wonderful advice to anyone who is curious about or interested in the cuckolding lifestyle. This episode also includes….the HOTTEST story of a wedding day gift. Be warned – it’s incredibly erotic!!

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New episode – When and how to bring up cuckolding to your wife

Welcome 2021!!

This episode is FULL of big announcements from Venus. So much is happening, changing, and growing with the Venus Cuckoldress Podcast this year so check it out! 

  • the one year anniversary of the podcast
  • new weekly episodes for Patreon supporters
  • more full length episodes every two weeks 
  • live hangouts with Venus 
  • Pillow Talks
  • Venus’s recommended resources
  • book giveaways
  • handwritten card giveaways 

And Venus answers some questions from listeners about how and exactly when to bring up cuckolding to their girlfriend or wife. You don’t want to miss this episode!!

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2021 BIG announcements!

The new year is almost here and I have so many exciting things to share with everyone! Pssst you definitely don’t want to miss the announcement at the bottom about the grand prize!

My last post about looking back on 2020 was all about how it was a surprisingly great year for the Venus Cuckoldress Podcast, despite everything that was going on in the world. The podcast was launched in January and I was able to release 15 episodes and overall it’s been really popular with listeners. The most popular episode was Interracial Cuckolding and second place went to Women Love Cuckolding. Personally I’m hoping the second place episode was so popular because I’ve succeeded in reaching more women to inspire them to learn about this beautiful cuckolding relationship dynamic.

Highlights of the year for me were joining the Priory Society Podcast in studio in Los Angeles, teaming up with the Casual Swingers Podcast for a sequel episode about cuckolding, and my absolute mind-blowing experience of joining Dan Savage on the Savage LoveCast to talk about cuckolding relationships – woot woot!! Also I have really loved doing the Pillow Talks – live Q&A video sessions with other cuckoldresses as guests.

But with all of that, the real excitement came at the end of the year with the announcement that the Venus Cuckoldress Podcast is in the top of the top 1% of all active podcasts on Buzzsprout!! Holy fuck that really blew my mind to find that out. Not long after that I decided to make the huge step of quitting my day job and dedicating my time and energy to doing what I love – the Venus Cuckoldress Podcast. This is a massive step for me and I’m nervous but excited about it. For all of you who have supported the podcast on Patreon, it is entirely because of you that I am now able to do this!

What’s coming up?

The one year anniversary celebrations will be happening between January 2nd and February 2nd. Each week there will be giveaways and prizes for Patrons of the Venus Cuckoldress Podcast. Some examples are my favourite books with a handwritten note written from me inside the cover and 30 minute private one on one phones calls. I’ll also be doing some live hangouts (open to everyone for now) via CrowdCast so watch my Twitter page for updates about when those will be.

All current and new Patrons of the Venus Cuckoldress Podcast in January will receive a handwritten card from myself and mailed to them (if they consent) as a thank you for supporting the podcast.

Podcast Episodes

Now that I will have more time to dedicate to the podcast, you can expect more regularly scheduled full episodes for everyone’s listening pleasure. I’m aiming for every two weeks.

New Patron-only mini episodes will be released every week on Patreon. The fun little episodes will be sexy short stories, questions from listeners, and more so make sure you sign up on Patreon to support the podcast and you will get exclusive access to these gems and click here to submit a question for Venus

The ever popular Pillow Talks live with Venus and guests will continue in 2021 and more often than before! Invitations get sent out on Patreon.

Grand prize draw!

On February 2nd I will randomly draw one Patron of the podcast to win their choice of prize (see below). These are the two things that my Patrons have said they absolutely would love the most:

  1. The Venus foreplay experience – join Venus by private video (no faces) as she gets ready for her BBC date. Start with choosing what to wear, watch her do her hair and makeup, choose a perfume, and soak in all of the excitement and anticipation as she prepares to see her bull. This will be incredibly hot and sexy!
  2. Listen through the keyhole – listen in on the phone as Venus gets stretched out by her bull. Be forewarned she is loud as fuck! You’ll be using your cuck imagination as you listen to this hot as fuck encounter. Can you take it?
  3. Singles or couples mentorship – 3 weeks of mentorship with Venus to better understand and navigate the cuckolding lifestyle (great pick for women!).

Pillow talks with Venus

What are pillow talks?

During the doom and gloom of the Covid-19 global pandemic I really wanted some way of connecting with others to combat the social isolation so many of us were going through. So I did a little homework and found a way to do CrowdCast events. I can be on video and people can join in by typing in their questions and watching/listening, and also chat with others in the chat box at the same time .

In the spring I decided to go for it and it’s been so much more fun than I ever dreamed it would be. It’s given me the opportunity to get to know others in this lifestyle and talk about the things that I’m so passionate about. Most importantly though, it’s been a place to smile, laugh, and just relax together.

Lately I’ve extended some invitations for other women to join me and that’s when the real fun happens. It’s my mission in life to have people understand this relationship dynamic in a way that reflects the beauty and love it has, and I feel that the message about it needs to come from women. Collectively, though pillow talks, blogs, podcasts, and social media accounts, we can amplify our voices and set the message straight – cuckolding is love.

How to register

The pillow talks are open to any of the Patreon supporters of the Venus Cuckoldress Podcast. This step isn’t meant to monetize it, it’s simply been a way for me to minimize the creeps and stalkers that show up when it’s open to everyone. So far, it’s working! You can register for an event anytime and submit questions on the page prior to the event. If you miss the live event you might be able to view it afterwards. Most times I’m able to keep them for viewing after, but sometimes for privacy reasons I need to delete one so try to catch it live if you can.

The next one is Saturday December 19th and will feature several wonderful cucktresses. Here’s the link to register:

My CrowdCast channel is here if you’d like to follow:

Venus xo

A cuck’s worst mistake

Listen up cucks – especially all those who are dating or thinking about bringing this up to your girlfriend. Pay close attention to this episode because this is the one mistake you can’t afford to make!

File this episode under the ‘what NOT to do for your first cuckolding relationship’.


Full Episode

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Looking back

This time of year always makes me want to look back on everything, but this year especially. What a fucked up year – and yet transformational in many ways for me.

It’s coming up on 5 years since I first sat down at my desk and started to write my first blog post about this wonderful kind of relationship I had been introduced to. I had never written a blog, or even read one actually, so I didn’t really know what I was doing – I just wanted to share my thoughts, experiences, and love for cuckolding relationships. I figured that if I had never known it existed until then, I was sure that many other women had never heard of it either. And for me at least, when I find something so incredible, I just want to share it with other women.

At that time, I hadn’t spoken to other couples or other women in the lifestyle, and I hadn’t read anything online about it – I simply wanted to share my thoughts in a genuine and unadulterated way. I wrote with the expectation that no one would be reading it so it was surprising to me when I sat there and looked at the stats page. I wondered “Who are these people, and how did they find this?”.

Then came the invitations to speak on various podcasts. I was hesitant at first because hey, I’m not an expert, but actually they just wanted me to tell my story – and that…I could do! I was always impressed at the amount of work and dedication it took for them to produce their podcasts, the managing schedules for guests and prepping for shows, and all of the tech knowledge that comes along with the podcasting equipment.

I wrote and I wrote… and wrote some more, until 4 years later I felt like I had said everything I needed to say. I sat back and reflected on it all and realized that it was mainly men who were reading my blog. The stats didn’t lie – over 95% men! I had failed at reaching women and worse yet…I realized that I had simply become a product for the massive factory of male consumed cuckold fantasy content on the internet. FUCK. That was something I really couldn’t be okay with.

So I shut down the blog and disappeared from social media for two months. I withdrew from it all and pondered what to do next and like many of the big decisions I’ve made in my life, I relied heavily on my intuition to tell me which direction to take. My closest friends commented to me that it seemed like I was making space in my life for a change – and that’s exactly what it was, I just didn’t know what that change was going to look like.

One day I received a DM on Twitter from someone who I think I had chatted with sporadically but didn’t really know well. He suggested I start a podcast. My knee-jerk reaction was there was no way I could do that. I knew nothing about tech stuff, I couldn’t see myself managing booking guests and sorting out questions to ask etc. I already had full time life responsibilities that left me with barely any free time to work on such things. The idea seemed impossible and even unpleasant to me. But then he sent me a link of step by step instructions. I had a look and for the first time actually really considered it. Maybe it wasn’t so difficult after all, and perhaps I didn’t have to have guests – perhaps I could just continue to share my story but to a wider audience. And then it clicked! That push was exactly what I needed and a week later, the Venus Cuckoldress Podcast was born.

True to my style, the podcast has been just me telling my story and sharing my thoughts on beautiful cuckolding relationships, dating, and being a Queen of Spades. The difference from my blog though, is I have managed to reach a much larger audience of men and WOMEN. Finally! As the podcast has grown in popularity I’ve had and increase in really amazing feedback from cucks, couples, curious listeners, and…single women learning about this kind of relationship. YES!!!

I’ve also had huge support from my Patreon subscribers and that has allowed me to buy equipment (that I’m still learning how to use) and pour more of my time and energy into doing something I’m so passionate about – something I truly love doing.

I’ve also noticed an upward trend in new blogs popping up from both women and men in this lifestyle and who love it in the same way that I do – yay! I find so much joy in seeing other women take that brave step to put themselves out there and share why they love cuckolding relationships so much. More of that please!!

This past year has been hugely difficult for so many and in so many ways and yet for me, it’s been the learning experience that I needed. I’ve learned that I needed a ‘reset’ course correction in where I wanted to go with this lifestyle, and I’ve learned that long distance relationships in the time of a global pandemic are not likely going to survive that hurdle, and most importantly I’ve learned that there are many women and men out there who, thanks to the podcast, have learned about this incredible kind of relationship dynamic in a whole new way.

Last week I learned that the Venus Cuckoldress Podcast is in the top 1% of over 86,000 podcasts on Buzzsprout! Thank you to all of you who continue to support my journey and who have helped make this podcast so successful.

The future is bright for cuckolding love.

Venus xo

Cleaning Up

Just like  many aspects in cuckolding, clean up is widely misunderstood and underappreciated. What might at first seem like an odd or extreme act, is actually the pinnacle of cuckolding love, trust and connection. Join Venus as she tells her story about what clean up has been like for her – fair warning it’s definitely NSFW! This episode is enlightening, intense, and incredibly hot!

Listen to the episode trailer:

Full episode:

What you thought you knew about cuckolding

New episode!

This episode kicks off the new “Ask Venus” hotline part of the show where listeners get to contribute to the podcast with their questions, comments, and feedback. First up is a woman who is looking for advice on where to find single cucks online, next there’s some hilarious feedback on the “When she goes black” episode on interracial cuckolding, and lastly it’s a cuck question about what’s hotter: being in the room or not being there at all?

This episode is all about busting the common myths and stereotypes of cuckolding relationships. What’s in it for him? Women must be sluts to want this right? Cucks must be weak and pathetic right? Isn’t cuckolding emotionally damaging? It’s a wild world out there chalk full of misconceptions and some just purely bullshit ideas about what all of this is about so join Venus as she dives right in to bring some truth and clarity to it all.

Becoming a Patron supporter of the podcast gives you access to register for future Pillow Talk (live) video broadcasts with Venus and sometimes special cuckoldress guests too! Pillow talk is a super fun “ask anything” format and discussion and gives everyone a chance to participate in the chat if they would like to. It’s usually once a month-ish. Once one is scheduled, an invite will be sent out to all current patrons.

To support the podcast and become a Patron visit

The Venus Hotline

Venus joins Dan Savage on the Savage Lovecast

I was beyond flattered and thrilled to get an invitation to join Dan Savage as a guest on the Savage Lovecast Podcast.

Here’s the link! Just a head’s up that guest appear on the “Magnum” versions of episodes and not the shorter ones.

I’ve been a Dan Savage fan for over a decade and it’s because of his hugely popular column Savage Love, that I first learned about non-monogamy, and that was what led me down the road to where I am today. Obviously I’m hugely grateful for his influence on my life!

Here’s a little bit about Dan, taken from his website

Dan Savage is an author, a sex-advice columnist, a podcaster, a pundit, and a public speaker.

“Savage Love,” Dan’s sex-advice column, first appeared in the The Stranger, Seattle’s alternative weekly, in 1991. The column is now syndicated to more than 50 papers across the United States and Canada.

Dan has published six books. His newest book, American Savage, will be published in May of 2013. In 2010 Dan and his husband Terry Miller founded the It Gets Better Project. The IGBP has gathered tens of thousands of videos from people all over the world offering hope to LGBT kids. The book—It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying, and Creating a Life Worth Living—was a New York Times best seller. In 2012 the It Gets Better Project was awarded an Emmy.

Dan is a regular contributor to public radio’s This American Life. He is a also a frequent guest on The Colbert Report, Real Time with Bill Maher, and other television programs. In the fall of 2011 MTV filmed Dan as he toured colleges performing “Savage Love Live,” the live version of his sex-advice column. That tour became the basis for the 2012 MTV program “Savage U.”

In 2006 Dan launched the Savage Lovecast, a weekly, call-in advice podcast. It is now one of iTunes top 50 podcasts. Dan’s graphic, pragmatic, and humorous advice has changed the cultural conversation about monogamy, gay rights, religiosity, and politics. Dan lives in Seattle with his husband, their son, and a one-eyed, deaf poodle named Stinker.

This is one of my favourite Dan Savage videos. If you haven’t already watched it – you absolutely must! It’s brilliant and hilarious!

Venus xo

Your chance to ask Venus!


Do you have a question you want to ask Venus?

Has a topic or episode resonated with you or inspired you in some way and want to let Venus know?

Do you have some feedback you’d like to share? Now you can submit your question/feedback/comment and it might be used on The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast!

It’s super easy – just click the button below and send! You will have up to 5 minutes of recording time. Please note that by submitting your recording, you consent to its use on The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast.

The Venus List

It’s a list of Venus’s favourite things (some of them explicit) so here we go!


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The ultimate guide to dating in the cuckold lifestyle

It’s one of the most common questions I get asked – where can I find a woman who is into this? Do you invest time into a vanilla relationship and then after things progress, bring it up to her and hope she goes for it? Do you put it out there right away in the beginning and risk rejection? How do you even bring it up to her? How do you know she might be interested? So many questions right?! Where do you even begin?

I’ve spent years dating in this lifestyle and I’ve experienced it all, from a woman’s perspective of course, and now I’ve put together an extensive episode with all of my tips, advice, and things to avoid when dating in the cuckold lifestyle. This is a long one so get out your notepad and get ready to take some notes. I’ve also included chapter markers for quick reference.

Venus xo

Shining a light on the cuck perspective

For all of the absolute shit that 2020 has brought to the world there has been one really incredible trend that I’ve noticed. Over the past couple of months there have been several new blogs that popped up and I am so happy about it. For all of the porn fantasy shit that saturates the cuckolding lifestyle, it’s so refreshing to have something that reflects the beautiful reality of true loving cuckolding relationships.

These blogs are well thought out and definitely get you thinking and reflecting. Here they are:

The Geeky Cuckold – you can find him on Twitter here:

The Confident Cuck – also on Twitter

Cuckoldress Scarlet she’s on Twitter too:

Cuckold Kisses – he’s on Twitter

A couple more blogs that have been around for a while but are also great:

Cuckold Marriage – Anne – she is also on Twitter

The Goddess Worshipping Blog – find him on Twitter here

For more helpful resources visit the Recommended Resources page.

Venus xo

New episode – how do I get my wife into this?

This is where I do my best to answer the one question that I’ve been asked the most over the years….how do I get my wife into this? How do I bring it up? What’s the best approach? What if she hates the idea? There are so many things to take into consideration it’s no wonder there are so many men looking for answers. In this new episode I do my best to try to provide some answers and give some helpful advice, tips, and suggestions so that hopefully you’ll have a positive outcome. Take notes for this one!

Venus xo

Thank you to all of the Patreon subscribers for your ongoing support. As a thank you, you get special access to the Venus Vault where my personal and private photos and videos are – enjoy!

Cuck Fear – new episode

Yup I’ve gone and disturbed the hornets nest with this one haha! As if the blog post about cuck fear wasn’t controversial enough, I had to go and do a lengthy podcast episode about it. Love it or hate it, agree or disagree, this one will be food for thought for many of you I’m sure.


Venus xo

Venus – The Goddess Worshipper Interview

“Black men have taken the top spot for alpha male sexuality and it’s well deserved. It’s absolutely true. It’s interesting that the popularity of sites like have surged and simultaneously searches for cuck porn have also gone through the roof. Coincidence? I doubt that. “

The Goddess Worshipper Blog

Recently I sat down with the Goddess Worshipper Blog to talk about all things interracial cuckolding. The blog, which has been around for 5 years now, promotes female empowerment and features women from all over the world. This was my opportunity to really share my thoughts and feelings on a variety of aspects within this lifestyle so please check it out and share it with others, especially women!

Venus xo

The ugly side of cuckolding popularity

Let’s face it, interest in cuckolding is at an all time high. This surge in popularity has come at a price though. What cuckolding has been in the past has quickly become distorted online and why exactly is that important? Why does that matter?

This episode exposes the ugly side of cuckolding popularity and why it might have something to do with why there aren’t more women into this kind of thing and also why it’s so hard for husbands to get their wife into it.

I know this podcast episode is going to be controversial and many people won’t agree with what I have to say but it’s something that only years of being exposed to different aspects of the online cuckolding world has given me a unique opportunity to look critically at cuckolding as a whole – where the flaws are and where improvements can be made.

Venus xo

And in case you missed my last episode with the Priory Society, here it is!

Venus in the flesh – Priory Society

Last month I had the chance to sit down in studio with the hosts of the Priory Society Podcast in LA and talk about the truth and misconceptions about cuckolding relationships, hot cuckolding experiences, tease and humiliation, hotwifing, tips for bulls, dating in the lifestyle, why I’m a size queen, safety tips for women, and even tips for women’s health! It was crazy hot and so hilarious – lots of laughs all around!

Have a listen and enjoy!

Venus xo

Interracial Cuckolding

Interracial cuckolding…it’s crazy popular. Interracial porn is in massive demand. That dark skin, his big black dick, her pale soft skin, she’s on her knees….the scenario plays over and over again. White guys love it and cuckolding couples are seeking out black bulls more now than ever.

In this episode I explore my thoughts on why this is such a hot trend right now, what the difference really is between the sex appeal and capabilities of black guys versus white guys. I also share my stories about my first time fucking a black guy as my boyfriend sat unsuspectingly in another room, and how I truly went black and never went back – totally naturally.

Venus xo

Women LOVE cuckolding

This is the one episode that all women need to listen to: all of the reasons why women should absolutely love this kind of relationship. With all of the content out there that comes from the male perspective (and there’s so much of it) this time it’s all straight up from a woman’s point of view. From love, trust, excitement, empowerment and confidence, to asking for what you want and getting it every fucking time (yes!) this has it all.


Venus xo

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