The Venus Interviews

I’ve been a busy girl lately! One of the things I’ve been working on is recording a couple of interviews with the Keys and Anklets Podcast.

The first is one with Michael C interviewing myself and some of the things I go in depth about are how I came into this lifestyle and why I love it so much, how it has changed me, how and why I prefer black  bulls (yeah I got pretty excited talking about that), my favourite photo involving my QoS tattoo and chastity, and even a little about my heels collection (or lack thereof haha!). So here is the link to listen:

The second podcast episode is a conversation about dating in this lifestyle and in particular tips and advice for single cucks who are hoping to find a woman to share this unique relationship dynamic with. Have a listen:

Venus xo

The Project

Cucks, I’m looking for you…

I’m excited to announce that I am working on a project together with the Keys and Anklets Podcast and we’re looking for cucks (single or married) who fit our criteria for participation.

To help us find them we’ve developed a short questionnaire which you can find here.

Rest assured your information provided will be kept private and confidential. For now, the full details of the project won’t be revealed however we would like you to know that it does not involve being interviewed for the podcast. Please note we will only contact those of you who we feel make a great match for what we are looking for.


Venus xo