It’s been a little while now that I’ve been navigating the world of dating and looking for my future cuck husband. It’s been less than fun. In fact it’s been a fucking disaster most times, to be honest. 

I’ve written on here before about how so many cucks are stuck in the closet, this continues to be the case. I get it – it’s all hot fantasy until it becomes real. Then it’s fucking scary for you cucks and you flake out. I understand. 

But what really pisses me off is how many times I get pursued by guys who are fucking married! Of course they don’t advertise the fact that they are married or are in a committed relationship…they are all pretending to be single. Lying, cheating assholes and a complete waste of my time. 

This hasn’t happened to me once, twice, or even three times. No it’s actually happened at least 10 times. This is a fucking epidemic in this lifestyle and it’s really despicable. This isn’t fair to your wife or to me, and truly I feel sorry for you that you are stuck in a vanilla relationship with someone who won’t support your needs but really you have got to stop continuing to live a lie.

Finding love is hard enough, aligning your kinks is even harder, so guys please stop this shitty behavior.