17 ways to cuck your man

Okay ladies…here it is! A little list for quick ideas on how to cuck your man:

Fuck other men (obviously)


  1. make him sit in the corner, stay quiet and jerk off
  2. make him take pictures and videos
  3. make him stay home and watch via skype or facetime
  4. make him sit in the corner in chastity
  5. make him stay home and listen on the phone
  6. make him clean up your creampie
  7. make him drop you off and pick you up after
  8. make him buy you new lingerie beforehand
  9. send him pictures and videos while he’s at work so he knows what he’s missing
  10. make him listen to you talk about the entire experience in detail when you get home
  11. fuck black men with huge cocks
  12. make him watch you get gangbanged
  13. make him watch you get gangbanged on your wedding night, honeymoon, and every wedding anniversary
  14. fuck his friends
  15. fuck his brother and his dad
  16. fuck his co-workers and his boss
  17. fuck your ex-boyfriends

What’s missing from the list? Let me know in the comments section. Thanks!

Venus xo

27 thoughts on “17 ways to cuck your man”

  1. Done most of the above.
    Kept her Bulls company while she took them one by one and fucked all of yhem in our bed. There was 4 off them and she was naked the whole weekend.
    Dropped her off and left her there for the weekend to be satisfied by her Bull.
    Watched while 4 black guys fucked her senseless in an all white neighbourhood in front of the open window. The neighbour next door was watching the whole thing.
    Shaved her pussy numerous times, selected her lingerie for her, which never came back because he tore it off and send her home without it, dripping cum all over my car seat.
    Listened to her telling me how small my dick is and how wonderfull his black dick feels inside her while I sat masturbating in a chair.
    Licked her clean and also lick her black lover clean plenty of times. Also kept her pussylips apart whilst I had to guide his dick into her dripping slit.
    Listened to her gangbang team fuck her from the spare room since I was only allowed to.listen.
    Watched through the bedroom window how she gets fucked whilst standing naked outside because her lover wanted to punish me hecause I am white and I have a small dick and I am unable to satisfy her black owned pussy. I was allowed to masturbate though. It felt weird doing it out in the open but enjoyable none the less.
    Walked in on her fucking my brother’s son when I came from work and told to wait outside untill they are finished. Did as I was told. It became a regular occurence and he actaully got so brazen that he fucked her in my bed whilst I was sleeping. Woke up from the bed moving and her screams of passion, only to find then both naked and fucking each other senseless. I was not allowed to touch.
    Dropped her off for a night of passion, and then get a phonecall that she is staying for the week since his other black buddies came to visit and she must service them all.
    Watched her fuck my best friend at work in an open office for a dare. All my colleagues where there and saw it happen. My new name at work was then cucky till I left the company. Found out later a few of the other guys also serviced het whole I was at work…..

    Will do it all again in a heartbeat. Being married to a wife that is a slut for men, especially black men with huge dicks is an honor….

  2. Don’t let the cuck clean up the creampie until he asks permission from the bull to touch you.

    Make the cuck seek permission from you or the bull to masturbate.

    Be sure the cuck cleans the bull’s cock..lick it clean or use a warm wash rag.

  3. For me i like :
    make him drop you off and pick you up after
    make him buy you new lingerie beforehand

    Doing this is real fun for me… and cleaning the room for her and make it ready for her hot night is another big fun.

  4. My wife made me clean the bathroom since her bull likes a shower after. Took video of me cleaning the bathroom in the nude, then posted it online.

  5. My wife has fucked many men over the years including:
    My friends
    My brother on many occasions & some of his friends
    My Boss at the time & his brother.
    We planned on her fucking my father but unfortunately it never worked out. Would have been very hot to experience her pussy after he had enjoyed it.
    Miss the good old days:-)

  6. too bad i cant relocate to you…. you had me at fuck his friends, brother, dad, co workers…you are a goddess of a cuckoldress my dear!

  7. Oh my God, you”ve mentioned so many ideas that I wish could be happening to me. To start out, I wouldn”t be permitted in the room for at least a month. I would be made to drive both of you out to ” The Club” and pick you up when you call. Maybe you”ll have sex in the back seat while I drive you around. Keeping my eyes on the road and not looking in the rear view. Maybe that mirror is taped up to prevent any quick glance. Drive you two home or to a hotel that I pay for. No need to film anything. Its enough of a super turn-on knowing you are cucking. These are just a couple of things that I would be greatly for.

  8. Right on bro. You’re description has my little 5 inch dick hard as steel. I would only add that when she came home
    wearing fishnet stockings and 5 inch stilleto heels, that she ordered me to lie back and feed me that sweet cream pie sitting on my face and telling me more was to come tomorrow

  9. Wow, finally figured out how to leave a comment…. Here’s a couple, we’ve done or I wish was done to me.
    Have hubby turn down the covers on the marriage bed than give up the bedroom to them.
    Have hubby masturbate to completion in front of your bull over how he wants him to fuck you.
    Have hubby walk bull to the door naked and with door open thank him for fucking his wife.
    Have hubby suck bull hard for round two as they kiss and cuddle on the marital bed.
    Have hubby take care of the kids, help with homework, put baby down while she’s with him in the bedroom.
    Have hubby use use a fleshlight or blow up doll while your with your being fucked.
    Have hubby run an errand just when the fun is about to begin, maybe pick up your bull’s favorite beverage or drink, than call him while the two of you are getting busy.
    Have hubby actually bring a guy over he knows you want to fuck brother, friend, co worker etc and watch while you seduce him in front of him.
    Have hubby find out that you’ve shared his secret with your friends, his sister, mother etc.
    If your Bull is married and the wife knows, invite her over to witness you cucking hubby. Put him in chastity, blind fold him than tie him to a chair. Have the wife whisper in hubby’s ear describing how good her man is able to please you sexually until he cums all over himself.
    Have hubby get fucked, owned by one of your bull when your unavailable to him or used by one of his bi friends while you play with your bull in the next room.
    Have hubby submit to strap on play to show your bull who’s in charge in the relationship.

  10. Have him clean your Bulls car while you play with your Bull. The Bull is doing a job for the cuck, only fair he should do a job in return. Other jobs work fine too, but something primeval about coeaning another guys car. I love and hate the inspection time ??

  11. Have your cuck pick you up after a night or even a weekend with your lover. Stay in bed and have your lover answer the door naked, then lead him back to the bedroom. He should find you still naked, disheveled hair with dried cum on your face, tits, ass and pussy. Smile as you see him and make him bend down to give you a deep tongue kiss. Have him kiss all over your body as you tell him how you’ve had a wonderful night and how wore out you are. Ask him if he got a good look at your lover’s cock. Call your lover over so he can get a better look at it. Wrap your hand around it and hold it up so your cuck can admire it. Make sure he also checks out his balls. If your lover is okay with it, maybe you could even have your cuck fondle them. Have your cuck pack up your things while you and your lover fool around some more. Then have him help you get dressed. As you go to leave remind him to thank your lover for taking such good care of you.

  12. Have you actually done 14, 15 or 16? Would you fuck them even if they are white for the sake humiliation?

  13. As Andrus said, have him help you prepare for your date. Make sure it is a long drawn out process. Start by having him actually call the guy with you there to set up the date. Make sure it’s clear that you plan on fucking him on your date. Then for the date have him give you a bath and shave your legs, armpits, pussy and ass. After the bath have him rub lotion all over your body and massage it in. If he can, have him paint your finger and toe nails. Let him help you pick out all of the clothes you’ll wear, asking him if he thinks your lover will find them sexy and mention how quickly you think they’ll come off. Have him watch you put on make-up and do your hair and continue asking for his opinion on how sexy you look. The whole time you should be talking about how big the guy’s dick is and how good he fucks you. Describe your plans for the night in detail so he can visualize it all. If your date is picking you up then have him answer the door and invite your lover in. Make sure he offers him something to drink if he has to wait. When you greet your lover make sure he sees you give him a passionate kiss and feel his cock while you moan in pleasure. If you’re having your cuck drive you to your lover’s house or wherever you’re meeting him then let him feel how wet you are in anticipation before you give him a peck on the cheek and get out of the car. As a last goodbye you should give him a list of chores to due while you’re out.

  14. Go with your husband at Hedo, or a swing cruise, you flirt openly and have sex with whoever you want while he is locked in chastity. That includes the naked area like pool, beach or public playrooms.

  15. But what is missing:

    Have him help you prepare for your date.

    Lay on top of him while you are being ravaged by your bull(s).

    Make him serve you and your bull.

    I have had a lot of fun with those three.

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