The answer to the question that all cucks ask me

What kind of cuck do you want? This is the most difficult thing to try to answer. It’s not really something that I can sum up in a paragraph or two. It’s not easy to define and articulate yet I’m constantly having to try to do so. So for those of you who want to know, here’s my best effort:

Like I’ve mentioned on here before, there is a wide spectrum of practices in cuck relationships. All of them involve a sexually unfaithful girlfriend or wife, a totally faithful boyfriend or husband, and a loving and committed long term relationship.

In my mind, each end of the spectrum is a polar opposite and there is everything else in the middle. One end is what I call “hotwifing” (this is only my own definition and other people may see it differently) and the other end is what I would think of as total sexual denial, sexual humiliation, slavery and chastity.

I see hotwifing as a couple who already have a robust sex life together, are each seen as equals in the relationship, and there is very little humiliating kinds of practices such as making him watch or rubbing it in his face afterwards. She is just allowed to sleep with others and he prefers not to. Everything else in the relationship is pretty vanilla.

On the other end, it’s quite different. She controls the relationship and she is always in charge, he is often or always sexually denied and likely put in chastity, emasculated, feminized, while she enjoys all of the sexual partners that she wants, and she they both very much enjoy the humiliating things she would do to him.

As for me, I am somewhere in the middle. I know that hotwifing doesn’t appeal to me and I think it’s because I enjoy the power imbalance of a female led relationship rather than an equal power relationship. I also don’t want a cuckold slave or “sissy” beta kind of guy. That just doesn’t do anything for me at all.

As for sexual denial, I do like denying my cuck to varying degrees. To me, it doesn’t really matter to me if I fuck my cuck or not. I’m always going to be sexually satisfied from other more capable men. Obviously I’m not going to ‘want’ my cuck in the traditional sexual way, however things I would enjoy would be giving him sloppy seconds and rubbing his face all over my pussy after – and he has to be okay with that. It’s doing those things that turns me on, because I like how much it turns him on, but it would turn me off if he asked for it or demanded it.

Just like any other relationship, I need to be physically attracted to my cuck and enjoy spending time with him. It’s not just about cuckolding. I need love and connection; there’s always caring and trust that goes along with that, despite the power imbalance. Although I’m greedy sexually, my cuck is always the most important person in my life and I always want him to be happy as well.

I’ve come to learn that it turns me off when a guy approaches me with his list of wants and needs. I understand why, but it just doesn’t sit well with me. I’ve had conversations with guys who mention the words “I want” and “I need” a hundred times over again and I don’t know why but I hate that. I really don’t care about what you want – I want you to trust that I will do what’s best for both of us and we’ll have the most incredible experiences. If that makes sense…

I have expecations of my cuck (some say those expectations are high – I disagree) and I don’t tolerate any shit behavior from him. I expect him to make quite an effort in pursuing me, dating me, and forever after that.  Some examples of this are saying good morning to me every day (unbelievable how many guys find this difficult…), showing up with a small gift on the first date, anticipating my needs and wants, and doing all of those little things everyday that make me happy (lovely little messages, carrying my bags for me, opening the door for me, paying for things, making me dinner, kissing my toes, gifts for no particular reason…the list goes on). This seems to be a lost art form. I’ve found that a lot of guys are lazy, inconsiderate, and accustomed to getting results without little to no effort. Ladies…don’t put up with this shit -raise the fucking bar already. Guys, please read my post about how to catch a goddess – take notes for fucks sakes.

Well that’s all I can think of right now. I may add to this as I think of things later…


*for those of you who noticed, yes I did delete my previous post

5 thoughts on “The answer to the question that all cucks ask me”

  1. Ι am for hotwifing thing, but I would enjoy also to watch and/or participate, I agree 100% with the rest description of an ideal relationship, either normal or cuckold one..

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and ideas on the special and unique relationship that exists between the Cuckoldress and her cuckold.By all means I think you have answered your most asked question.For the unaware or unknowing I think they realize now that your needs come first.The “I wants and me’s” mean nothing.Thanks again from thepoorsoul.

  3. I am a 24yo from Pittsburgh PA and a software developer. I have for the past 2 years have some weird experiences with having a cuck mindset. See.. from Craigslist to fetlife, i have met and played with more than a dozen different couples. All of them having a different feel to them. Some understand the cuck dynamic, some though think they can make the experience anything they want. So i get there and end up being told to put it in. Which must if not all cucks don’t really get off having sex and takes the whole cuck feeling away. The single women i have might normally find it super strange that i DON’T want sex. Most of all of them ask me” Why do you want this type of relationship?” You like should know, how do you sum up a feeling. I think its actually harder for cucks to explain. I am only 24 and have only until 6 months ago i lived at home and even have met 6 women while living at home. Most of them 20 years older than me. Just two nights ago i met a woman i talked too for 2 weeks, and i talk to about 5 different woman a month most just stop relying without explaining why they just get bored with it. But with this particular woman, like with most i send pics of cuckolding, links to popular videos and ask she does the same so i can get where she is coming from. Don’t get me wrong after touching base with the cuck relationship, i do talk with her just like two people getting to know each other. I can get a couples to play with but i will always drive home alone. SO the connection is what gives the feeling of submitting to that woman. With this woman i felt for sure she understood the cuck role, i send pics with every level of being a cuck, but nothing to extreme. She would reply “yes” OK” I understand the cuck thing”. I got there and after talking and drinking some of the wine i bought, i started to orally please her, like any cuck would. But after 20 mins she wanted me to fuck you:(. Now this happens even after i have seen a woman a couple times, even going out together. After a couple texts, i test a woman’s ability to be in the dominate role or understand that a cuck’s opinions come last. . After a couple texts about the cuckold couple thing, i say something like” While as long as the guy isn’t blank” and almost every time a woman says ” whatever you want” or says ” Yea that’s fine”. If i reference the cleanup act of being a cuck, they say something on the lines of ” If you want to, you can” Which tells me, they don’t really like the idea of having a cuckold being directly involved, well besides a thresum.

    So we (cucks) have to ask that question you wrote about. Because women sometimes like only one or two parts of a idea. They like the idea that maybe one day if i feel like it, i can sleep with other men and my man will be ok with it. i hear alot of breakups stories about how women cheat. I have met alot that only like to cheat if their man doesn’t know about it. Now some cucks want the whole forced bi, cleanup, sub role. Now, when i talk about the whole fluffer( forced bi) concept, they basically just think i am bi/gay and say well we can suck together then you guys can both fuck me. So now i have to ask them all” Which the difference between a bi boyfriend and a bi cuckold?” Like with you, you enjoy having a outspoken cuck but one who you could have sex with, but also have to watch and assist you with other men. Most cucks that i have met don’t like this at all! Most couples i might think i will have sex with the wife and then then the husband will then i can eat her out after. But that’s not being a cuck. We can’t just turn it off and on, i just emailed a couple sceonds ago, he wanted us both to cleanup from he’s wife. We cleanup because we like to feel in control by a woman NOT because you like the taste of cum or men. We have to live with what we do, i have had some what a cuck relationship but when she left, its hard just to go look for a woman again.

  4. One of the reasons the cuckolding lifestyle interests and excites me so much is the versatility of it. If asked, 100 people will give 100 different answers to what cuckolding means to them and that’s fine. Every person is an individual with different needs. It was interesting to read yours.

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